Atlanta Newborn Photographer | Baby Natalie

I first worked with Bethany and John for their maternity session at the park location. You can view those images by clicking here. I had such a great time with them and their two pups during their maternity session, and was so looking forward to seeing them again when they welcomed their daughter!

That day finally came when I got the email from them announcing that their baby girl, Natalie, had arrived! Bethany knew she wanted to add on hair and makeup services again, and we scheduled their session for a couple weeks out.

The morning of their session, the new family of three arrived. I really love getting that first glimpse of their little face in their carseat and seeing which features they have from each parent. Little Natalie definitely favored her daddy in many ways, but I could see Bethany in her too. It’s amazing how fast babies change, though. When my first daughter was born EVERYONE made a point to let me know that she looked just like her dad. By the time she was six months old, that wasn’t the case anymore. She’s seven now, and she’s pretty much my twin (minus the hair color) - especially when you compare photos of us at the same age. It’s so much fun to see how they develop and change over time.

Bethany settled into the hair and makeup chair with Margaret, our lead HMUA, and I got started with Natalie’s solo portraits. I keep my colors very neutral and simple and generally use ivory whites, creams, blushes, and some beiges depending on which look best with each individual baby that comes my way. I want the focus to be on your baby and their sweet features, not on a busy or loud backdrop. Some of my wraps and tiebacks have texture to add visual interest and layers, but my photography style is very clean, simple, and authentic to my subjects.

Natalie was a good sleeper for me, and I was able to move her around and wrap her pretty easily. Some babies are not, and I modify my wraps and how I place them to their preferences. No two newborns look the same because every baby is unique in their preferences and touch sensitivity. I absolutely will not force a baby into a position that they don’t want to be in, and have years of experience in knowing when a baby can be coaxed or when we should move on to the next thing. I always like to photograph the little baby details as well, such as toes, hands, eyelashes, noses, etc with my macro lens. These macro shots are the perfect way to capture your baby’s sweet little details forever, so I always include them in the proof gallery. They’re often chosen as favorites: especially the toes!

When I was finished photographing Natalie, she was in need of a diaper change and a feeding break. John changed her diaper and then handed her to Bethany who nursed her while Margaret put the finishing touches on her hair. Once Natalie was done, I had the studio set up for the parent and family portion. Most of my new parents are a little bit nervous about what to do, but since Bethany and John had worked with me for their maternity session, they knew they didn’t need to be nervous. No matter what type of session, I guide my clients through the entire thing. I make slight adjustments, smooth hair flyaways, straight shirts, tuck in bra straps, and give easy to follow direction. AND we’ll have fun during the session too! ;) Newborn sessions are really just about loving your baby and admiring them… and parents of newborns are pretty much experts at that straight out of the gate. I’ll take care of the rest and make sure you’re photo ready!

After going through a mix of John and baby, Bethany and baby, and the whole family together, we were finished with the session. Bethany changed back into her clothes and I went over what to expect from me next in terms of when they’d see their proof gallery. We exchanged hugs goodbye, and they set off for home while I started the cleaning up of the studio. All studio pieces worn and used during a session are laundered afterwards, and the floors are swept. Our studio changing table is disinfected and the changing table cover and pad is changed out for a fresh one for each new client. All door handles and surfaces are also disinfected after each client just to be on the safe side. We take cleanliness seriously around here with the tiny little immune systems that come through our doors.

Enjoy a few of my favorites from Natalie’s newborn session. I cannot wait to see her and her parents again in December when Natalie meets Santa for the first time as a six month old!

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