Atlanta Maternity Photographer | Katharine, Howard & Henry on the mountain

I first worked with Katharine & Howard for their maternity session when they were expecting their son, Henry. I went on to photograph Henry’s newborn and First Birthday sessions. They’re some of my favorite clients because they’re so much fun! Howard is absolutely hilarious and keeps us all laughing constantly. When Katharine emailed us to let us know she was expecting her second baby (a girl!) and wanted to book a maternity and newborn session, I was so excited for them and to get to see them again. I absolutely love photographing growing families! I’ve been photographing for a while now, and I’m seeing a LOT of second and third babies for my existing clients this coming year, which is so special for me.

Katharine also asked to add on hair and makeup services for both sessions, and we scheduled a time for her and Howard to pop into the studio for a maternity fitting. When they came in, I showed her a pretty blue lace dress that I thought would look amazing on her, and she and Howard loved it. She also chose a purple dress with pretty bust detailing paired with a sheer white shawl for arm coverage and we discussed options for Howard and Henry based on her choices. Your partner is not required to attend the maternity fitting with you, but they’re certainly welcome to! I enjoy chatting with my clients and getting to know them during that time together, so if they’re able (and willing) to come, bring them along!

The evening of their spring session in April was sunny and pleasant. One of the best things about living in Atlanta because for the most part I can shoot year round outdoors . It’s not common to have days that are so cold you can’t be outdoors for a shoot . If that happens, it tends to be mostly in December-February. But, it’s the south after all….I’ve had sessions in January where it was 71 degrees while I was shooting here and it reached 75 on another day in December one year. You just never know!

Maternity sessions that involve families are full of fun and play so the big kids have fun too! I ask parents to check their expectations at the car, and to be ready to play games and follow gentle prompts for guided interaction. Trust me, I know how easy it is to become frustrated when you feel like your session isn’t going well. I know how much time and planning goes into the entire event. I have three kids of my own, so I really do get it. I have found that when my clients trust me and go with the flow, they are often pleasantly surprised by the resulting gallery even if they felt like the session was chaotic at times. If your children are full of energy and running around, that’s TOTALLY ok! Embrace it! Usually this also means they’re full of joy and their personality is shining through. We’re going to get images where that sheer happiness is clearly evident and their eyes are sparkling. All I I need is 1/1000th of a second to get those sweet and quiet moments…which might literally only last half a second before they’re running around again….but again, I don’t even need that long.

Henry enjoyed walking along with his parents and seeing all sorts of sticks and rocks. We spent some time at the base of the mountain, went into a forested area, and then we headed up to the top after Katharine changed into her second dress.

At the top, Henry had lost interest in participating, so I photographed just Katharine and added Howard in for some couples photos. Most of the time toddlers will see their parents working with me and it suddenly dawns on them that we are doing something WITHOUT THEM! :::indignant gasp::: In most cases, they suddenly appear with renewed interest in participating for a few minutes, and we’re able to photograph some sweet mommy and me moments and whole family moments too. I work around your child’s needs and mood, so we’ll get what we need at some point!

The mountain location is a favorite because kids have a lot of fun exploring, and the scenery is different than the norm. There are a few different areas to photograph in as we make our way up to the top. The constant moving and changing scenery keeps kids engaged and interested. It’s about a mile hike from our meeting place to the top. My own little boy hiked it successfully by himself with no assistance from me when he was twenty months old, and we’ve had several maternity clients get up there with no issues. So, physically, it’s on the easier side for families and pregnant women, but there is some physical effort involved. In the summer and fall months it can be extremely hot since the mountain is an all rock surface with nowhere for the heat to go. I share these facts with you so you can make the best decision on whether it’s the right location for you and your abilities.

I love photographing at the mountain location since it’s such a unique place. When’s the last time you climbed a mountain and watched the sunset or surveyed land for as far you can see in all directions? Been a while? Come do it with me in the near future, and you’ll have some gorgeous photos to show for it too! ;)

Enjoy a few of my favorite images from this sweet family’s gorgeous maternity session!

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