Atlanta Newborn Photographer | Baby Winnie

Let’s say….. you booked a session with a photographer for your newborn session months in advance of your baby’s arrival and you were looking forward to it. Let’s say you also kept in touch with the photographer throughout your pregnancy to keep them updated on how things were going. Let’s say your baby arrived later than expected (since most babies don’t tend to arrive on their “due” date). Let’s say when you contacted the photographer to let them know after months of keeping in touch, they let you know that they’d be unable to photograph your session after all, because they were on an extended vacation with their family.


(That. Actually. Happened.)

When this sweet mama called our studio and explained her situation and what had happened, we immediately looked through our schedule to find a date and time that might work for them. Fortunately, we had ONE day open that week and they were able to make it work for their schedule as well!

Note: we take vacations too, but we are able to fit our schedule newborn clients in to the 8-21 day window that we have even if they’re born right before we leave or during our vacation. If we did have a vacation scheduled for longer than a week during a particular month, our clients would be made aware of this when requesting to book.

On the day of their newborn session, they arrived at the studio with baby Winnie. She was just the cutest little thing with some of the best hair ever. I love when newborns have hair that has a mind of its own. It’s a feature that you will remember with fondness in the future, and you’ll laugh when you talk about it. I never try to brush a baby’s hair down, because I want to photograph them as they naturally are to preserve them that way for you forever. Her parents loved her hair just as much as I did and asked that I keep her gallery very simple with no tiebacks used and mostly white with hints of blush pink. I love keeping the focus entirely on babies, and we typically only photograph with neutrals anyway - so that was not a problem. I always ask mamas for their preferences when it comes to whether they want headbands to be used. Some don’t want them at all, and some want a mix. The headbands I select for your baby are small and dainty, and proportionate to their head size. I am not a fan of Texas sized flowers around here!

Winnie slept like a rock during the solo portion of her session, and we were finished pretty quickly as a result. Her mama had brought a bow swaddle from the Beaufort Bonnet Company, so we incorporated it into the session as well. Fair warning: mamas tie the bows on these in my studio on the rare occasion that one is brought along. It’s harder than you would think to make these look good and stay that way!

Lots of people ask - “How long does a newborn session take?” I WISH that I could give an exact answer, but the truth is: it depends on your baby. If your baby is fussy or awake, we have to work around their needs. I can absolutely work with awake babies who are calm: but not awake babies who are angry or upset. So if your baby is having a rough time of it, it will take a little longer. Come prepared to hang out for a bit - up to 4 hours. The average session is 2.5-3, but if you plan for 4 and make sure you don’t have anywhere you need to be, you will be much happier. The studio is relaxing with comfy couches to sit on, and snacks. We are actually moving in a couple of weeks to a new and larger studio over in Poncey-Highlands very close to Ponce City Market, and there will also be coffee available for clients as well as internet access provided by Google Fiber if anyone needs to get some work done while not being photographed.

When I was finished with solo portraits, Winnie needed a diaper change and something to eat , so her parents tended to her while I set up for the parent and family portion. Once she was content again, we got started! The parent and family portion is easy and I’ll walk you through the entire process and explain exactly what I need as we go through. The safety and comfort of your baby is my #1 priority, so I over communicate when your baby is being moved from person to person. Basically, I don’t let go of your baby when handing them to you until we’ve made eye contact and you’ve verbally confirmed to me that you have them. And even then, I release my grip on your little one very slowly. ;) During this portion of the session, all you need to do is love and admire your baby. I’ll make sure you’re standing where you need to be in terms of light placement, and I’ll adjust anything necessary. Sometimes I’ll fix a twisted engagement ring, tuck a piece of hair, tuck in an errant clothing tag, or move a client’s head or hand ever so slightly. Whatever it takes to produce the most beautiful images! I truly love what I do and have years of experience doing it. It’s such an honor when a new family chooses me to document some of the most precious moments in their lives.

Enjoy a few of my favorites from Winnie’s newborn session!

If you're expecting a baby or already a parent and looking for a newborn, maternity, or family photographer, I would love to work with you to create images that you will love for a lifetime. Watch this video to hear about my philosophy and see how I work in the studio so you can determine if I'm the right fit for you. I can't wait to meet you!

Lily Sophia Photography specializes in newborn, baby, maternity, and family photography in Atlanta, Georgia and surrounding areas.

Atlanta Newborn Photographer | Baby Carter

I first worked with Sara & Jay for a maternity and newborn session when they were expecting their first baby. You can see their maternity session images by clicking here, and big brother Ander’s newborn session by clicking here. When Sara emailed me a few months before her due date to let me know that they were expecting baby #2, I was SO excited for their family! Lots had changed for their family since the birth of their first baby: new jobs for both, and a move to a new house. Sara knew she wanted to add on hair and makeup services for her newborn session since she had loved having that service for her two previous sessions.

When Carter was born, Sara emailed me to let me know. Carter had been born a bit early at 35.5 weeks and would be spending some time in the NICU for his lungs to develop. Since he was on the smaller side at birth, so I suggested waiting until he was around 3 weeks old to give them a chance to get settled in at home after NICU discharge and for Carter to have a chance to fill out a bit. Sara was in complete agreement with my suggestion, so we set the date to be when he was just over 3 weeks old.

Sara and Carter arrived at the studio first that morning. I always have dads bring big siblings later on since there’s no need for them to be there in the beginning. I will be photographing your newborn alone for their solo portraits, and you’ll just be sitting and waiting. In Sara’s case, she was doing her sitting and waiting in the hair and makeup chair, and Ander & Jay were at home until it was time to join us.

Ander was a sleepy little thing, and quite easy to work with as a result. We flew through the newborn portion of the session, and the timing worked out perfectly since he needed a diaper change and a feeding when I was done. Sara attended to his feeding while in the makeup chair, while we discussed what she would wear. When I have worked with clients in the past, I often know exactly what will work for their skin tone and body shape without even having to see it on them. I knew that a gorgeous blush pink lace dress would work for her perfectly, and when I pulled it off the rack for her to look at, she fell in love with it. Even though it’s a lace dress, it’s understated and not “frilly”. She let me know that big brother Ander would be wearing a white t-shirt and jeans, and that she had also opted to have her husband in a short sleeved casual button down. With that in mind, I suggested we dress Carter in one of our studio onesies for the family images since it would look better with the outfits than having him wrapped in a blanket. I’m a fan of onesies for a more casual approach, and honestly… what’s more classic and timeless than a white onesie?! Holding and moving your baby is also much easier when we don't have a blanket to contend with. I leave the choice up to mom and dad and we’ll work with whatever your preference is.

Jay and Ander arrived, and we immediately got started with family images. Three year old boys are a wild card (trust me, I know this because I have one myself) and I always work as quickly as I can while I still have their attention and cooperation. Jay and Sara were great with rolling with whatever Ander was willing to give us in the moment and I photographed him whenever he was willing to be in the images. When he wanted a break, I simply switched to photographing Carter with just his parents. Photographing toddlers and young children is not for the faint of heart and requires flexibility, quick thinking, and patience. I have an abundance of all of those, so you’re in good hands! ;)

Enjoy some of my favorites from Carter’s session! I really loved working with this family again, and I can’t wait to see them and how big the boys have gotten when they visit the studio again for our upcoming Santa event in December!!! (We are sold out, but you can still get on our waiting list)

If you're expecting a baby or already a parent and looking for a newborn, maternity, or family photographer, I would love to work with you to create images that you will love for a lifetime. Watch this video to hear about my philosophy and see how I work in the studio so you can determine if I'm the right fit for you. I can't wait to meet you!

Lily Sophia Photography specializes in newborn, baby, maternity, and family photography in Atlanta, Georgia and surrounding areas.

Atlanta Newborn Photographer | Baby Natalie

I first worked with Bethany and John for their maternity session at the park location. You can view those images by clicking here. I had such a great time with them and their two pups during their maternity session, and was so looking forward to seeing them again when they welcomed their daughter!

That day finally came when I got the email from them announcing that their baby girl, Natalie, had arrived! Bethany knew she wanted to add on hair and makeup services again, and we scheduled their session for a couple weeks out.

The morning of their session, the new family of three arrived. I really love getting that first glimpse of their little face in their carseat and seeing which features they have from each parent. Little Natalie definitely favored her daddy in many ways, but I could see Bethany in her too. It’s amazing how fast babies change, though. When my first daughter was born EVERYONE made a point to let me know that she looked just like her dad. By the time she was six months old, that wasn’t the case anymore. She’s seven now, and she’s pretty much my twin (minus the hair color) - especially when you compare photos of us at the same age. It’s so much fun to see how they develop and change over time.

Bethany settled into the hair and makeup chair with Margaret, our lead HMUA, and I got started with Natalie’s solo portraits. I keep my colors very neutral and simple and generally use ivory whites, creams, blushes, and some beiges depending on which look best with each individual baby that comes my way. I want the focus to be on your baby and their sweet features, not on a busy or loud backdrop. Some of my wraps and tiebacks have texture to add visual interest and layers, but my photography style is very clean, simple, and authentic to my subjects.

Natalie was a good sleeper for me, and I was able to move her around and wrap her pretty easily. Some babies are not, and I modify my wraps and how I place them to their preferences. No two newborns look the same because every baby is unique in their preferences and touch sensitivity. I absolutely will not force a baby into a position that they don’t want to be in, and have years of experience in knowing when a baby can be coaxed or when we should move on to the next thing. I always like to photograph the little baby details as well, such as toes, hands, eyelashes, noses, etc with my macro lens. These macro shots are the perfect way to capture your baby’s sweet little details forever, so I always include them in the proof gallery. They’re often chosen as favorites: especially the toes!

When I was finished photographing Natalie, she was in need of a diaper change and a feeding break. John changed her diaper and then handed her to Bethany who nursed her while Margaret put the finishing touches on her hair. Once Natalie was done, I had the studio set up for the parent and family portion. Most of my new parents are a little bit nervous about what to do, but since Bethany and John had worked with me for their maternity session, they knew they didn’t need to be nervous. No matter what type of session, I guide my clients through the entire thing. I make slight adjustments, smooth hair flyaways, straight shirts, tuck in bra straps, and give easy to follow direction. AND we’ll have fun during the session too! ;) Newborn sessions are really just about loving your baby and admiring them… and parents of newborns are pretty much experts at that straight out of the gate. I’ll take care of the rest and make sure you’re photo ready!

After going through a mix of John and baby, Bethany and baby, and the whole family together, we were finished with the session. Bethany changed back into her clothes and I went over what to expect from me next in terms of when they’d see their proof gallery. We exchanged hugs goodbye, and they set off for home while I started the cleaning up of the studio. All studio pieces worn and used during a session are laundered afterwards, and the floors are swept. Our studio changing table is disinfected and the changing table cover and pad is changed out for a fresh one for each new client. All door handles and surfaces are also disinfected after each client just to be on the safe side. We take cleanliness seriously around here with the tiny little immune systems that come through our doors.

Enjoy a few of my favorites from Natalie’s newborn session. I cannot wait to see her and her parents again in December when Natalie meets Santa for the first time as a six month old!

If you're expecting a baby or already a parent and looking for a newborn, maternity, or family photographer, I would love to work with you to create images that you will love for a lifetime. Watch this video to hear about my philosophy and see how I work in the studio so you can determine if I'm the right fit for you. I can't wait to meet you!

Lily Sophia Photography specializes in newborn, baby, maternity, and family photography in Atlanta, Georgia and surrounding areas.

Atlanta Newborn Photographer | Baby Lucia

I last worked with Saidie, Daniel, and big sister Zoe for their family maternity session at the gardens location. You can view those images by clicking here. I was SO excited to hear from Saidie that baby Lucia had arrived! When Lucia was born, she was a little itty bitty thing at just over 5 pounds. Her session was scheduled for when she was almost three weeks old because of her weight and to give Zoe a little bit of time to acclimate and adjust. You just never know how your older children will react to having a new baby in the house. I’ve found that the majority of kids in the 18 month through late 2’s range need some time, so I tend to schedule those sessions around the 2-3 week mark. It also gives mom and dad some time to adjust to having another member of the family too! :) The way that I work with and photograph newborns does NOT require them to be under 10 days old like many other photographers. So if you’ve heard that before, ignore it when it comes to me. It’s just not the case here! And if you’re reading this while holding your three week old newborn, regretting not booking a newborn session, and thinking you missed the window….think again. Give us a call and we’ll see if we can fit you in on the schedule!

Saidie and Lucia arrived at the studio on the morning of their session, and I got started photographing just Lucia while Saidie took some time for herself to relax. She already knew exactly which dress she wanted to wear because of her maternity fitting, so her dress was already steamed and ready for her.

Lucia was wide awake when I took her out of her carseat, but very calm. I immediately wrapped her up to take advantage of her alertness as photographs of newborns with eyes open and looking at the camera can be difficult (and sometimes impossible!) to get. I’d estimate that about half of my newborn clients are asleep for their entire session and won’t open their eyes, or are angry when awake, which doesn’t make for a good open eye portrait. Lucia didn’t want to sleep at all, so when Daniel arrived with Zoe, we moved right into the family and parent portraits. Zoe was interested in her baby sister and we played a few games to encourage natural and gentle interaction with her. I always hear from parents at how amazed they are by some of the techniques that I use to get images… the truth is, they’re pretty easy as long as the older child is interested in playing that particular game. If they’re not, we pivot to something else. We’ll eventually find something to engage them!

As we were finishing up with family photos, Lucia fell asleep, so I was able to get some family images with her both awake and asleep. Zoe and Daniel left to head back home, and I photographed Lucia’s solo portraits. Usually it’s the other way around, but babies run the show… so that’s how it was for this session! Saidie had brought the family rosary passed down from generations before them. Such a special family heirloom that I was honored to incorporate for them! She also brought a beautiful linen Mexican dress with a matching blanket that we saved for the very end that Zoe had also been photographed in. Lucia woke up as we were dressing her in it, but remained calm, so I was able to get a few quick images before she decided to announce very loudly that she was hungry again. ;)

Enjoy a few of my favorites from Lucia’s newborn session! You made me work hard, sweet girl, but it’s always worth it in the end!

If you're expecting a baby or already a parent and looking for a newborn, maternity, or family photographer, I would love to work with you to create images that you will love for a lifetime. Watch this video to hear about my philosophy and see how I work in the studio so you can determine if I'm the right fit for you. I can't wait to meet you!

Lily Sophia Photography specializes in newborn, baby, maternity, and family photography in Atlanta, Georgia and surrounding areas.

Atlanta Newborn Photographer | Baby Theo

Greer contacted the studio to ask about scheduling a newborn session. She had a lot of questions about the process and what to expect, so Caroline (our full time studio manager) gave her a call to answer all of her questions in depth. Caroline is lots of fun to talk to and super responsive. Our clients love chatting with her, and you will too! Greer emailed us the next week to let us know she was ready to proceed with getting on our calendar.

Let me address the MOST often asked question when it comes to newborn sessions. “How can I schedule my baby’s newborn session when I don’t know when they will actually be born?”

The answer: We have a limited number of spots each month for newborn clients in order to maintain the best level of service to our clients. When you reserve your newborn session, you are taking one of those spots that we have set aside. Once they’re full, they’re full. If you’re reading this right now and have already had your baby, please call the studio to see if we can accommodate you. When babies arrive earlier or later than their estimated due date, we are often able to fit in last minute requests depending on our schedule!

A couple of months went by, and Greer let us know that baby Theo had arrived! She also requested to add on hair and makeup services to her newborn session as well. When you add on hair and makeup, you don’t need to worry about finding dates that will work for our schedule. We handle all the coordination in house to make the process as easy as possible for you. Our HMUA team is absolutely wonderful and skilled at working with all skin types and tones. They’re caring, and kind, and specialize in natural beauty which is exactly what most of our newborn moms want. Should you want to kick it up a notch, simply discuss your preferences with them while you’re sitting in the chair, and they’ll create a beautiful look for you based on your vision that will also photograph well. I also want to mention that adding on services does not lengthen the amount of time that you are in the studio. You’re going to be sitting and waiting regardless while I photograph your newborn alone for the first portion. Might as well treat yourself and not worry about getting ready! PS: our HMUA artists are MAGIC when it comes to undereye circles from newborn induced sleep deprivation.

We settled on a date that worked for Greer, and sent over our newborn prep packet for her to review. It’s a short read and goes over best practices for the smoothest newborn session experience. We also cover what to wear if you’re bringing your own clothing from home, and we’re available to answer any questions you might have in the time leading up to your time in the studio!

When the new family of three arrived at the studio the morning of their session, Greer settled into the hair and makeup chair with Ellis at the helm. I took Theo back to the newborn shooting room. He was such a sweet and cuddly little guy and slept like a champ. As a newborn photographer, I’ve worked with all sorts of babies. Some babies need some extra help to get into a super sleepy state, and I have a bag of tricks up my sleeve that I’ve picked up over the past six years of photographing newborns. Because Theo was such a deep sleeper. I was able to move through the solo portraits pretty quickly.

When I came out of the newborn shooting room with Theo, he was hungry and needed a diaper change. Perfect timing! Daddy attended to Theo while Ellis put the finishing touches on Greer’s makeup. Greer had brought a few options from her home closet, and I loved what she’d brought. She was most comfortable wearing casual jeans and a blouse, and I thought it was perfect! While we have a large selection of studio dresses available to clients, it is NOT a requirement. I strongly encourage clients to choose clothing that they feel comfortable and beautiful in. If that’s a floor length maxi from my wardrobe or your favorite broken in Levi’s with a v-neck tee - either works! These are your images from one of the most important times of your life, and I want you to look at them and feel like you’re seeing yourself. One is not “better” than the other, it simply comes down to individual client taste and aesthetic preferences. The only thing I am concerned with is colors and patterns working well for the session type, which is why I’ll happily provide any assistance and guidance you need!

After Theo was changed and had a full tummy, we moved into the family portion of the session. New parents are often still getting used to holding and handling their newborn. Most new moms have been sitting down while holding them at home! My clients comment a lot about how amazed they are by how I make it look so effortless when handling their newborns. You’ll get the hang of it too and be a pro in no time!

I’m constantly watching my mamas to make sure they’re doing well and not getting dizzy. An 8 pound baby can start to feel like a 50 pound baby after 15 minutes of standing holding them, trust me. If you or baby need to take a break, we take one! The safety and comfort of my clients is my top priority in the studio, and I over communicate with my parents when we are moving baby from person to person to make sure the receiving person has baby securely in their grasp before removing my hands.

Another concern often expressed is, “We don’t know what we’re supposed to do.” The good news? You actually already do. ;) Your job is to hold your baby and admire them, and I’m pretty sure you’ve been (or will be!) doing that from the moment of their birth. I’ll take care of the rest with gentle guidance and demonstration. I explain things verbally as we go and make gentle adjustments as needed. My goal is for all of you to feel comfortable and relaxed, and I’ll help you get there! Nobody is left hanging in my studio wondering what they’re supposed to do next - I promise.

Enjoy a few of my favorites from Theo’s newborn session!

If you're expecting a baby or already a parent and looking for a newborn, maternity, or family photographer, I would love to work with you to create images that you will love for a lifetime. Watch this video to hear about my philosophy and see how I work in the studio so you can determine if I'm the right fit for you. I can't wait to meet you!

Lily Sophia Photography specializes in newborn, baby, maternity, and family photography in Atlanta, Georgia and surrounding areas.

Atlanta Newborn Photographer | Baby Miles

I first worked with Jazmine & Chander for their maternity session in the gardens, where we had so much fun! You can view some of the gorgeous images from their shoot by clicking here. I told the two of them that my guess was that their baby boy would have LOTS of hair, and they agreed. I was so looking forward to getting to meet baby Miles at their newborn session!

Jazmine let me know that baby Miles had arrived safely and asked to add on hair and makeup services again. She knew she didn’t want to have to handle getting herself ready for the session while sleep deprived, and had a pretty good idea of which dress she would wear from the studio wardrobe. This isn’t unusual! The vast majority of our newborn clients who work with us for maternity beforehand have a good idea of which dress they’re going to wear for their newborn session. Sometimes it’s just a matter of waiting to see what fits well if their bust grows a lot due to milk production. It’s different for every woman, but many of our dresses can accommodate a range of sizes do to their stretch and construction.

When the new family of three arrived at the studio, I peeked inside the carseat and squealed when I saw that Miles DID have tons of hair! He also had some of the plumpest little lips and cheeks I’ve seen, and was just absolutely adorable.

I took Miles out of his carseat and into the dedicated newborn shooting room. We keep it toasty warm and comfy for newborns, and there’s an observation window for parents to watch through if they so desire. Jazmine settled into the hair and makeup chair with Brielle to be prepped, and I set to work with Miles. He was a sleepy baby and very relaxed and flexible, which made for a pretty smooth session! I have endless patience, so if your baby is fussy or is fighting sleep, I’ll keep working with them and we’ll still get wonderful images even if they refuse to sleep. (yes, this has happened!) My style of photography is focused on your baby, so the colors I use are various shades of neutrals. I have carefully chosen colors that will work with a wide range of skin tones, and I select wraps after I see your baby and determine what would be the best for their skin. Every baby is different! I do have some clients who request an all white session in advance, and I’m happy to accommodate that as well. Unless I am specifically asked to photograph using all white, I usually use a mixture of beautiful colors and textures.

When I came out with Miles, Jazmine will still being prepped. Miles needed to eat, so it was perfect timing. He was also a quick eater, so when he finished up, Jazmine was done also. She slipped into the blush pink off the shoulder dress she had chosen to wear, and we got started with the last half of the session - which is parent and family images. I don’t have a set specific flow, but I keep the transitions for baby minimal and have mom and dad be the ones that move as needed. This part of the session is also very laid back and relaxed, and consists of you enjoying your new baby! Since Jazmine and Chander had previously worked with me for their maternity session, they were very comfortable from the start and already knew my basic “rules” for how to stand and where. If you’re coming in as a new client who has never worked with me before, no need to worry. I’ll direct you and give you all the guidance that you need, and you’ll be a pro in no time at all!

Enjoy some of my favorites from this absolutely joyful newborn session!