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Hello there! This is Caroline, the studio manager! My job is primarily client care and communications - all the behind the scenes work. If you call the studio phone, I'm who you'll speak with!

I put together this FAQ from what I am asked the most often to make your life a little easier.

Simply click on the plus sign to see the answer. If there is a question you have that's not listed here, please contact us!

Do I get the digital files? +

The most popular question deserves first place.

The answer: Yes! Every single one of our collections for all session types includes a certain number of high resolution digital files with a personal print release. We'll even give you recommendations for the best places to print on your own. We do offer professionally printed products as well, but you are under no obligation to order any. Many of our clients do choose to add on a large framed print from the line we offer since we take care of the printing, matting, and framing.

When should I book my maternity session? +

Most clients book in their first or second trimester! Booking early guarantees availability as the calendar fills very quickly. If you're 36 weeks and just now reading this, please check and see if we have availaility. We fit in last minute maternity clients all the time. As a note, last minute clients are sometimes very limited in location choice due to the calendar already being full. The studio has the most flexibility!

What can we do if you're fully booked? +

If we are totally booked already for an outdoor maternity session, you still may be able to schedule a session. We are not like most other photography studios because we reserve dates in our calendar to serve as reschedule dates for our outdoor clients in case of rain. This may sound crazy that we block extra dates off on our calendar, but here's a little story for you...A couple of years ago we had SO much rain from the Florida hurricanes. Many other local photographers had overbooked clients and had no dates left for them to reschedule. We were not one of them. All of our clients were rescheduled in a timely manner and were not waiting six weeks for images due to us being overwhelmed. :)

So, we are happy to put you on our waiting list! If a session goes as scheduled, reserved dates will be released on our calendar. We alert those on the waiting list in the order they are on it.

Where do you shoot maternity sessions? +

Maternity sessions take place in one of four locations: studio, park, field, or gardens. The gardens are available on select weeknights only and are not available on weekends. Please visit the maternity portfolio page to see images from each location to determine the best fit for you!

What time of day do you shoot maternity sessions? +

Outdoor sessions are always photographed in the hour before sunset, year round. Studio sessions are photographed in the morning or afternoon dependent on the studio schedule.

I need a weekend date for my maternity session. Is there an extra charge for a weekend day? +

Nope! However, please reserve early to guarantee your date as outdoor locations book very quickly and in advance. As a reminder, the gardens location is not available on the weekends.

At what point in pregnancy is it best to schedule my maternity session to take place? +

30-34 weeks is the recommendation. If you are on the shorter side in height or carrying twins/triplets, between 26-32 weeks is best.

I'm worried about stretch marks showing, will you edit them? +

If you choose to have your bare belly photographed, no need to worry about stretch marks! All images are professionally retouched. So if you have stretch marks, a few skin blemishes, navel ring piercing scar, etc - these are all removed! If you have other scars on your body, we will discuss this during your session about whether you want those removed or left alone. Some scars are an important part of who you are, and you may want to keep them in your images!

What should I wear for my maternity session? +

Most of our clients borrow from the studio wardrobe! Lauren schedules a 15 minute maternity fitting appointment at the studio two weeks in advance of your session to try on studio wardrobe pieces and provide wardrobe styling assistance for your partner and/or other children. This benefit is offered to all booked clients as a part of their session experience.

What if it rains on my scheduled maternity session date? +

If your session is taking place outdoors, we'll reschedule to another date! We reserve backup dates in our calendar for this reason so that we can guarantee our availability to our clients. Please note that a weekend backup date is not guaranteed and a weeknight may be the only availability. If your maternity session is in the studio, rain will not warrant a reschedule.

Do you still photograph The Birth Session? +

Yes, but we tend to be booked 7-8 months out pretty quickly. The majority of our clients contact Lauren as soon as they find out they're pregnant and Lauren sometimes even knows the news before the spouse for her repeat clients! Please inquire about the wait list if you are interested as sometimes availability will open up if a baby arrives early.

When should I book my newborn session? +

As soon as you know you want to work with us! We book far in advance with many clients booking at the end of their first trimester/beginning of second trimester.

Will you come to our house for the newborn session? +

We can! Lauren is highly allergic to cats, so she cannot travel to homes that have had or have a cat currently. In home newborn sessions are lifestyle oriented and they take place on weekdays (Monday-Thursday) only. Travel fees will apply for homes more than 30 minutes from the studio and are dependent on how much round trip travel time is required. Lauren also travels to other states for sessions on a case by case basis.

What does lifestyle oriented mean? Glad you asked! This means that your baby will mostly be in your arms. Lauren will photograph your baby in their nursery (crib) or on a parent bed wrapped in a blanket that you have on hand. She brings a small portable studio setup with her to in home sessions and you'll have a bit more work on your end to prepare a room for it! Call me to discuss which type of newborn session is the best fit for your family!!!

What if my baby comes earlier or later than their estimated due date? +

Great question! When you book a newborn session with us, you are not scheduling a specific date. Instead, we put you on our list of guaranteed spots. After your baby is born, you simply let us know, and we'll provide you with a few dates to choose from that are within the first 8-21 days of life. The one exception to this is if you know you're having a scheduled c-section or induction. We will mark off a tentative date for your session and confirm it in the week beforehand. Sometimes babies have other plans and decide to arrive before they're scheduled to!

My husband doesn't get any time off, so we need a weekend date for our newborn session. Is this possible? +

Maybe, but weekend date availability cannot be guaranteed and is not available for in home newborn. It's best to book planning for your session to be on a weekday. Many of our clients will have dad come during his lunch break or take a half day from work. Clients with older children have them leave school early or go in late, just like they would with a doctor or dentist appointment.

What time does the newborn session start? +

We will meet at the studio in the morning at 10 AM, and all newborn sessions regardless of studio or in-home are typically scheduled Monday-Thursday with RARE weekend availability.

What if it's raining the day of our newborn session? +

We have a natural light studio, and have photographed many sessions when it was darker and stormy outside. Even with cloudiness and rain, there is still light, and our professional equipment can handle lower light situations with ease. Lauren will use studio lighting to augment the available natural light if she feels it's necessary on a cloudy or rainy day. In home sessions will generally still also have enough light near windows.

How long does a newborn session take? +

The average in the studio is 3 hours. However, some babies need extra time to eat or settle. We don't rush sessions, and we take the time needed to accomplish the best gallery for your family! Come with your patience and something to do. It's best NOT to have somewhere you need to be in the afternoon after the session to avoid feeling stressed.

What should I wear for the newborn session? +

New mothers are more than welcome to borrow from the studio wardrobe! The vast majority of our mothers walk in the morning of their session with their hair in a bun and yoga pants. We have you covered between our studio wardrobe and add on hair and makeip services - all you need to do is show up! If you prefer to wear your own clothing, you will have a newborn preparation packet sent to you in advance that has suggestions for what to wear and instructions for the morning of your session before you arrive at the studio. If you're booking an in home session, Lauren can look through your options when she arrives!

Do I need to bring anything for my baby to wear? +

Nope, you just need to bring your baby! Lauren does not use props, loud colors, or place babies in unnatural positions. All of the wraps, simple tiebacks (if you have a baby girl), and fabrics are provided. The focus of newborn session is on your new baby and all of their unique and adorable details, as well as the emotional connection between you, your partner, any older siblings, and your baby.

Are siblings allowed to participate in the newborn session? Is there an extra fee? +

YES, and we welcome siblings! No extra fee for them to be involved in your newborn session: parents and siblings are included. We've even had a couple of grandparents jump in too. We have specific suggestions for how to make the session run smoothly based on the age of your older child that we will discuss with you when you reserve your session.

Do you photograph milestone sessions? +

Yes! We love photographing milestones and frequently see 100 day olds for their 100 day celebration, 3 month, 6-8 months (Sitting unassisted), and 1 year sessions. Many of our clients return to us on a consistent basis. We work with lots of new clients for milestones too, so no worries if you haven't worked with us before!

Do you offer mini sessions? +

No. We have never offered mini sessions as we firmly believe that it takes away from the client experience we are known for. However, we do offer sessions with Santa in the studio every year. Our existing clients who have already worked with us recieve first opportunity to book these spots before booking opens to the public.

Do you photograph families? +

Yes! Family sessions are some of our favorite sessions. The approach taken is "love in real life" rather than perfectly posed, everyone looking at the camera, etc. The goal of family sessions is to capture your family as they are right now, and the love that you have for each other. Family sessions are a lot of fun!

When should I book my family session? +

As far in advance as possible to guarantee your date - ESPECIALLY if you're hoping for fall photos for the Christmas card! We know, "please book early" seems to be a recurring theme here, but we hate having to turn clients away.