What if we told you all you had to do was show up?


Guess what? with us, You can actually do that.

Hair and makeup services are for everyone. They're for the expectant mom who isn't quite used to her newly pregnant belly. They're for the newborn mom with a two week old who is still a bit shell shocked from the transition and has no idea how she's going to find the time (or energy!) to do her hair and makeup before their newborn session. They're for the mom who wants to pamper herself and let someone else be in charge of making her look and feel her best self. Even if you don't normally wear makeup, or have never had it professionally done: it's for you.

We’ll discuss your makeup desires for your session in advance.

Some moms prefer a very simple clean beauty look, and other moms like to play up their features with a more dramatic flair. If you don’t quite know what you want, no worries! Our talented team will ask questions and help you figure that out!

 If you have a newborn, you will look and feel refreshed... and for most moms, it's the first time they've done anything for themselves since their baby arrived! If you're worried about how your skin looks since pregnancy and postpartum hormones can sometimes wreak havoc: don't be! Between our HMUA add on-services and post processing of your images, your skin will look like it did before baby. (PS: We can care of stretch marks and navel ring piercing scars with Photoshop if you opt for bare belly maternity images!)

  • Our maternity clients love to be pampered, and often plan a special lunch or dinner date with their partner after their session to show it off.

  • Our newborn clients roll out of bed in the morning, brush their teeth, put on some yoga pants and a comfy shirt and show up. Between the studio wardrobe and HMUA, we have you covered. If you're nursing your little one, our HMUA's are very supportive of breastfeeding, and will accommodate your needs if your baby needs to nurse. We have nursing pillows in the studio that perfectly fit on your lap in the makeup chairs!

  • For family or milestone sessions, moms love looking their best and not having to worry about doing their own hair and makeup beforehand. Leave the kids at home, come to the studio early for some "me time" and then have your partner and kids join us when we're ready to start! Depending on your area, your HMUA can also travel to you at your home, but we recommend getting out of your house if possible to get away from all distractions and truly enjoy yourself!

having your makeup done by one of our talented artists will serve to simply enhance your existing gorgeousness

We promise you will NOT look like an overdone drag queen. Pinky promise.

I’m SOLD! How do I make it happen?

We make it easy for you! Simply let us know that you want to add HMUA services on, and when we provide you with dates to choose from they will be dates that a HMUA is also available for you! ALL of our HMUA's are personable, fun, and extremely talented at what they do.





Margaret has been working with Lily Sophia Photography clients since 2015. She is our lead HMUA, and is absolutely fantastic! She understands our aesthetic perfectly, and is lots of fun to chat with while you're in the makeup chair with her. If you're looking for a beautifully detailed hairstyle for your maternity images, Margaret is your go to. 

Margaret is a full time freelance makeup artist who does everything from commercial work to bridal, special event makeup and more. Clients have complete peace of mind knowing that she's going to deliver exactly what they’re looking for. Some of her commercial production clients include Home Depot, Yellow Pages, and HGTV. 




Megan started working with Lily Sophia Photography in 2016. She's originally from Raleigh, NC where she trained and worked at Bobbi Brown Studio for several years. She relocated to Atlanta after marrying her husband and we are lucky to have her! She spent the summers of 2017 and 2018 traveling in Europe and is a self-professed Francophile. Megan is especially skilled at makeup application (she specializes in eyes & brows for that extra boost) and offers simple hairstyling such as soft waves. Megan is a lot of fun to chat with while you're in the makeup chair and has all sorts of advice and recommendations related to all things beauty - all you have to do is ask while you sit in her chair! Several of our clients have gone on to specifically request Megan’s services for subsequent sessions, and a few have even taken private makeup application lessons with her!








Ellis started working with Lily Sophia Photography in 2017, and has a warm and lovely personality! She is married and has a three year old son of her own, so understands firsthand what motherhood is like. She's also a lot of fun to chat with in the makeup chair about all things beauty or being a mom!  Ellis fell in love with makeup application in high school and started with theatre production makeup. It turned into a career for her, and she specializes in natural beauty that highlights the unique features of each individual client. Ellis enjoys creating textured braids and hairstyles, and loves working with our clients. She travels to many of our northern Atlanta suburb clients (Alpharetta/Roswell areas) and preps them at their homes in advance of their session.