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Please review our FAQ’s first (button below), and if you’d like to hop on the wait list, email caroline@lilysophiaphotography.com!

Our wait list for December 1st is FULL. December 7th still has room on the wait list!

PLEASE include your phone number so we can immediately call and/or text you if a spot opens up. Please note that we go down our list and it’s a first response/first to get spot policy.

Sunday, December 1st & Saturday, December 7th in 2019

Please note that we are moving in September to a fantastic and more than twice as large studio!

This year’s sessions will take place at our new studio in Poncey-Highlands close to Ponce City Market!

Santa in Atlanta at Lily Sophia Photography with babies through young children!
150% WORTH the one hour drive from Cumming! It was such an incredible experience and the images were amazing. Santa is so sweet and was so gentle with our son. Lauren is such a wonderful person and so good with children, and we just can’t say enough good things about it! We can’t wait for next year!!! Book a session - you will not be disappointed!
— Ashley W.

Skip the traffic going to the mall, fighting to find parking, and waiting in mile long line while your children (and you!) fast lose patience. Forget about your little ones becoming overwhelmed by all the noise and stimulation for one thirty second snapshot in which they might be scared and crying.

Instead, come join us for a peaceful and magical session in the studio where you'll spend actual face to face time with Santa and enjoy some holiday treats. You'll be the only ones in the studio with Santa and me, so there are no distractions and your child can approach Santa as they feel comfortable! We have lots of tricks up our sleeve to work with babies and children who are shy. The resulting images from our Santa sessions capture the wonder and magic of the Christmas season in a way that the mall experience just can't. 

Are you worried your baby or child will be terrified and you won't end up with any images? Let us know ahead of time! All booked clients will receive a reminder email of their appointment date and time along with some tips and tricks to prepare for a smooth and successful session. We have our ways, and we have some alternative options for you too. While these sessions are for children only, if your little one is more comfortable in your arms, that's totally ok. The comfort and security of your little ones are the most important priority to us. Make sure you're photo ready just in case you need to jump in! 

Santa is sweet, gentle, and kind, and has a twinkle in his eye. That's him pictured up there with last year's holiday background. This year’s will be a surprise, but don’t worry - it will be the classic and neutral timeless style we’re known for. And yep, his beard is the real deal!

Santa was so nice, and he gave me a high five! I told him what I wanted for Christmas. I asked him what his favorite cookie was, and he whispered it into my ear, and his beard tickled me! I hope I see him again next Christmas. I will give him a BIG hug!
— Sophie, age 4