Atlanta Newborn Photographer | Baby William

Heather contacted the studio in her third trimester to schedule a newborn session for her son, William. She was excited to hear we had a wardrobe available and also asked to add on hair and makeup services. When you schedule a newborn session while you’re still pregnant, we don’t actually schedule a date in the calendar for you. Babies arrive on their own timetable, and there are so many factors we need to consider such as birth weight and how you’re both recovering if there were any unforeseen complications. Booking your newborn session simply means you’re reserving a guaranteed spot! You’ll let us know as soon as possible that your baby has arrived, and we’ll find out how everything went and how much your baby weighed at birth. If you’re adding on hair and makeup services too, we’ll then check with our HMUA team to see who is available when we are and give you a couple of dates to choose from. We handle all the coordinating for you so you don’t have to. That first week at home with a newborn is often one that involves very little sleep, so we strive to make your entire experience with us as easy as possible with nothing to worry about.

Heather arrived at the studio with William and we looked through the wardrobe. She found a dress she loved, and settled into the hair and makeup chair. She let me know that her husband wasn’t a big fan of having his photos taken and that when he arrived she hoped we could get him in and out quickly. I reassured her that I work efficiently and would have him out of there after we were finished. I also informed her that if William was fussy, needed to nurse, or would not sleep, that her husband would have to wait until it was resolved in order to continue. As anyone who has been around a newborn knows, there is no “Hurry up and finish!” when it comes to needing to eat!

William was sound asleep when I took him out of the baby carrier, and I thought his little onesie was just so cute, so I gently placed him on my shooting surface still dressed. I was able to take his onesie off without him waking up and continued through his entire session with him sleeping like.. well, a baby. ;) At the very end of his session he opened his eyes…. and decided he wanted to stay awake. He had a long staring contest with his daddy, and after a nice long feed and about 15 minutes of snuggling with his mama he conked back out and we wrapped up the session.

Are these not some of the most perfect pillowy lips you have ever seen?! He was such a little sweetie!

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