Atlanta Baby Photographer | Quinton is ONE!

I headed to the office one morning and when I checked my inbox, I started reading emails. The first email was from a client who needed to reschedule her session for the next evening due to being sick with a stomach virus. She had a prime October Saturday, and I let her know that I was more than happy to reschedule her session but that it would have to be a weeknight since I was completely booked through December for weekend outdoor dates. She was totally fine with that, and we moved her to a couple of weeks later on a Tuesday evening.

Then I came across an email from Sarah, asking if I had ANY availability at all for a Family/First Birthday session and if she could be put on the waitlist for a cancellation. Fate, kismet, whatever you want to call it! I was expecting a client, so I forwarded her email to Caroline (our studio manager) and Caroline took care of calling her. She was thrilled to hear that we had an opening that same evening and immediately snapped it up. We sent her our style guide to dress her family, as well as our cake tips.

I met the family in the studio parking lot the next evening, and we headed to the park location. It was pretty much the most perfect weather ever, and the light was gorgeous. I really loved what she had chosen for them to wear - Quinton’s little leather pants were to die for! A lot of clients wonder if they need to wear pastels and neutrals in order for their images to look amazing - the answer is no. When it comes to color - I love it! It’s just a matter of choosing the right colors and mixing the colors and patterns for the most cohesive and visually appealing look. Neon will never make a comeback or be a good choice for a session. ;)

Big brother Matthew was all over the place, and his parents were concerned that he wouldn’t cooperate for any family images. I reassured Sarah and Vincent it was normal for that age, and that we would win him over eventually. When a child doesn’t want to participate or needs a break, we give them one! Pressuring children or forcing them to do something they don’t want to is not my style. Gentle persuasion by the way of having lots of fun where a child decides they want to join in is more my speed. Vincent assumed responsibility for chasing Matthew around while I photographed Sarah and Quinton. Sure enough, Matthew eventually became interested in what was going on and wanted to play games with me too. We made it work! Let me make it clear that I am not a magician when it comes to young children. It requires a team effort between all the adults involved. I will meet your child exactly where they are at and tailor my response and engagement with them to that level. With lots of patience and love, we’ll hopefully get them laughing and having fun in no time if they’re a little bit shy or not into having their picture taken. A willingness on your part to be silly and laugh is absolutely essential. And please, do not judge me if I act crazy during our time together. I do lot of silly faces and voices to win the little ones over! :)

After we finished with the family portion, we ended with the cake part. Quinton didn’t want to touch his cake unless his mama was holding it, so that’s exactly what we did. Check out the image of his reaction to his first taste of sugar - too funny!

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