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I’ve been working with Michelle and her beautiful family since the birth of her first child, Henry. I blogged about her maternity session at the park location earlier this month, and you can see the images from that session by clicking here.

Fun fact: each time Michelle has had a baby, she always has something major going on. With Henry they were renovating their house. With Priyanka, they were moving to a new home right before her due date! Needless to say, nothing scares her. Michelle was originally scheduled for an induction, but Priyanka decided to surprise us all and come on her own terms a few days ahead of that date.

I was able to meet Priyanka the day after she was born when I stopped by Northside Hospital to visit and chat with Michelle and Kalyan. Priyanka was wrapped up in a bili blanket to treat her jaundice, so I wasn’t really able to get a good look at her while I was there. So many of my clients become dear friends over time, and I love being more than "“just a photographer” to so many. I am truly so incredibly lucky to have a job where I get to meet and photograph so many wonderful families, and to keep so many as friends! While I was there, we went ahead and scheduled her newborn session date.

Michelle has worked with one of our HMUA’s for every portrait session with me, and this time was no exception. Add on hair and makeup services are available! Just ask when you inquire. Adding this on does not lengthen your session because I am photographing your baby while you’re being prepped. So, you might as well pamper yourself instead of twiddling your thumbs during that time! Brielle was her HMUA this go round, and the two of them hit it off instantly. Trust me when I say that you’re in for a treat with any of our HMUA team because it’s like chatting with girlfriend the whole time. I’m always a little jealous that I don’t get to hang out with everyone else when I hear the constant laughter through the newborn shooting room door. (PS: there’s an observation window in the shooting room to look through if so desired!)

When Michelle arrived with Priyanka, she texted me and I came downstairs to help her with her things. I am always happy to assist my newborn clients who might need a bit of extra help and it’s no trouble at all! Kalyan and Henry were joining us later - we have toddlers wait to come to the studio with dad or a grandparents until it’s time for them to be photographed.

Michelle and I looked through the studio dresses and I had one specifically in mind for her that I knew would look amazing with her skin tone. She immediately loved it, and pulled out what she’d brought for Kalyan and Henry. The shirts she had for Henry didn’t quite work with the overall color scheme, but I simply grabbed one from our studio wardrobe that we have for little boys and it worked perfectly. We don’t have an extensive wardrobe for children, and stick to the basics, but in a pinch we are often able to help toddler moms with what we have on hand if they don’t have something that works! Plus, when you have a little boy, you don’t tend to buy light colored shirts for them since little boys tend to love dirt. ;) I speak from personal experience: my three year old son would sleep with his yellow Tonka dump truck in his bed if I would let him!

Brielle got started with Michelle and I took Priyanka back to the newborn shooting room. She was wide awake and calm, and eventually fell asleep in the warm room with lots of patting and snuggles. While she slept well, she was also a light sleeper, so her solo portraits involved a lot of waiting since she required a lot of soothing to fall back asleep.

When I finished up, Henry and Kalyan had arrived, and Michelle was getting dressed. Henry had experienced some jealousy when they had brought Priyanka home from the hospital and didn’t want to be around her, but had started warming up over the past few days. If your child isn’t wild about the newest family member, don’t stress out about it. I have a lot of little tricks to get your toddler close to the baby for interaction and we’ll talk about those in advance of your session! Leave your expectations at the door, and we’ll create a zero stress and no pressure experience for your child. Children are much more receptive when their feelings are respected and they are given the space they need, so that’s how I run my studio. I consider your children my clients too, and I want them to have a wonderful experience!

Henry didn’t want to take any photos alone with Priyanka, so we moved into parent and family images. We played games (remember the little tricks I told you about?) and had a couple of tickle fights. I knock out the images that include toddler siblings as quickly as I can since their attention span is limited. Once they’re over it, they are OVER it. The family didn’t have anyone on hand to help with Henry, so they brought some activities for him to occupy him while I finished up photographing Priyanka with just her parents. We did have a couple of nursing breaks for the little miss during this portion. I never want my mamas to be worried that feeding breaks are “taking too long”. There is no such thing. We want a happy and comfortable baby, and it’s okay if they take their time. Most newborns do!

Enjoy a few of my favorite images from Priyanka’s session! I can’t wait to see her again for her six month milestone!

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