Atlanta Maternity Photographer | Claire & Chris

Claire found us while searching online and loved what she saw in the portfolio. She contacted the studio and asked to book a maternity session at the park location and newborn session with added on hair and makeup services as well.

Claire is a teacher, so we scheduled her maternity fitting to take place after her school day. We often schedule maternity fittings outside the 9-5 window during the week to accommodate work schedules! Some weekend fittings are also available as well and always take place first thing in the morning or in the late afternoon depending on the studio schedule that weekend!

When she walked in, she mentioned how much she loved the studio and how calm and peaceful it was. We started chatting and talking about travel - something both of us love to do. Her husband is Finnish, and they have been so many places all over the world. My husband and I also traveled quite a bit before children, but have not been out of the country since our oldest was born. We plan to go for a two week trip somewhere in 2020! I’m taking suggestions: we’re currently considering a European country hop tour, Argentina, Australia, or ____? I’m totally serious - I’m open to suggestions!!! So if you have been somewhere wonderful that you think everyone should visit in their lifetime, let me know and tell me all about it.

Claire had brought along a dress she purchased in Italy during their travels that she had worn for their engagement photos. I loved the sentimental meaning of the dress and thought she looked beautiful in it! However, she loved SO many of the studio dresses that she ultimately decided to wear pieces from the wardrobe instead of her dress. I suggested that she consider wearing the dress she brought with her for her newborn session and she thought that was definitely something to consider. It was fun watching Claire’s reaction each time she came out of the room and saw herself in a dress. She had such a hard time narrowing it down, but I really love what she chose to wear as it suited her free spirit and complemented her skin tone and brown eyes beautifully. We discussed what her husband, Chris should consider wearing as well.

On the afternoon of their session, they arrived at the studio. I was there working in my office and Margaret had not yet arrived, so I took the opportunity to get to know Chris a bit. The two of them are just so much fun, and Chris is hilarious. I knew from Claire that Chris and I share a love of Cherry Coke Zero, so I presented him with one from our studio fridge. He and I agree that drinking a Cherry Coke Zero is like having dessert. I can’t stand Diet Coke, but Coke Zero? Sign me up. It’s actually the most popular drink in our studio fridge next to Lacroix water - I struggle some weeks to keep it stocked with how fast it flies out!

Margaret arrived and got set up in the studio, and Claire and Chris followed her. I stayed behind in my office to finish working for the afternoon and joined them when it was time to start steaming Claire’s dresses. We picked right back up where we had left off in the office and talked about different countries and the experiences we had there. Claire and Chris are headed to Finland late this spring to introduce their son to his family. Ooooh maybe we should go to Finland? Iceland is another place I am DYING to go visit.

Back on track! Once Claire was all finished, she changed into her first dress and we headed to the park location. The weather was absolutely beautiful and the sunlight was GORGEOUS. We started with just Claire and had Chris jump in and out. There’s a pretty significant height difference between the two of them! You will NEVER see me try to diminish a height difference between a couple. Why? They already know there’s a height difference, and so does everyone who knows them? There is absolutely no reason to make a man crouch down. It’s part of the couples’ story and who they are, so I embrace it. I often hear from these couples that they were made to feel very self conscious about it from other photographers when I ask why the guy is hovering down by his partner’s shoulder. If this has happened to you, I’m sorry, You’ll be standing up straight when you get in front of my camera!

Almost everyone is a bit nervous when we first get started with any type of session. This is totally normal! It’s also not something you need to worry about, because I’m going to guide you throughout your entire session. I want your images to be natural and unforced, but we also want them to be flattering. So I’ll walk you through some things to avoid doing during our time together and make gentle adjustments as needed throughout. My verbal direction is clear and to the point, and you’ll never be left wondering what you’re supposed to do next. Promise!

One of my favorite images from this session is the hand kissing photograph. Before you roll your eyes (yes, it does sound cheesy, doesn’t it?) check it out! I think you’ll be surprised at what a beautiful and natural moment it was - which is exactly what the goal is. And if you’re wondering - yes, this is something that Chris does with Claire on his own, so it’s not unusual for them. We’ll discuss your specific dynamic and ways that you physically connect with each other on a daily basis, and I’ll come up with guided prompts for natural interaction during your session!

If you're expecting a baby or already a parent and looking for a newborn, maternity, or family photographer, I would love to work with you to create images that you will love for a lifetime. Watch this video to hear about my philosophy and see how I work in the studio so you can determine if I'm the right fit for you. I can't wait to meet you!

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