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Let’s say….. you booked a session with a photographer for your newborn session months in advance of your baby’s arrival and you were looking forward to it. Let’s say you also kept in touch with the photographer throughout your pregnancy to keep them updated on how things were going. Let’s say your baby arrived later than expected (since most babies don’t tend to arrive on their “due” date). Let’s say when you contacted the photographer to let them know after months of keeping in touch, they let you know that they’d be unable to photograph your session after all, because they were on an extended vacation with their family.


(That. Actually. Happened.)

When this sweet mama called our studio and explained her situation and what had happened, we immediately looked through our schedule to find a date and time that might work for them. Fortunately, we had ONE day open that week and they were able to make it work for their schedule as well!

Note: we take vacations too, but we are able to fit our schedule newborn clients in to the 8-21 day window that we have even if they’re born right before we leave or during our vacation. If we did have a vacation scheduled for longer than a week during a particular month, our clients would be made aware of this when requesting to book.

On the day of their newborn session, they arrived at the studio with baby Winnie. She was just the cutest little thing with some of the best hair ever. I love when newborns have hair that has a mind of its own. It’s a feature that you will remember with fondness in the future, and you’ll laugh when you talk about it. I never try to brush a baby’s hair down, because I want to photograph them as they naturally are to preserve them that way for you forever. Her parents loved her hair just as much as I did and asked that I keep her gallery very simple with no tiebacks used and mostly white with hints of blush pink. I love keeping the focus entirely on babies, and we typically only photograph with neutrals anyway - so that was not a problem. I always ask mamas for their preferences when it comes to whether they want headbands to be used. Some don’t want them at all, and some want a mix. The headbands I select for your baby are small and dainty, and proportionate to their head size. I am not a fan of Texas sized flowers around here!

Winnie slept like a rock during the solo portion of her session, and we were finished pretty quickly as a result. Her mama had brought a bow swaddle from the Beaufort Bonnet Company, so we incorporated it into the session as well. Fair warning: mamas tie the bows on these in my studio on the rare occasion that one is brought along. It’s harder than you would think to make these look good and stay that way!

Lots of people ask - “How long does a newborn session take?” I WISH that I could give an exact answer, but the truth is: it depends on your baby. If your baby is fussy or awake, we have to work around their needs. I can absolutely work with awake babies who are calm: but not awake babies who are angry or upset. So if your baby is having a rough time of it, it will take a little longer. Come prepared to hang out for a bit - up to 4 hours. The average session is 2.5-3, but if you plan for 4 and make sure you don’t have anywhere you need to be, you will be much happier. The studio is relaxing with comfy couches to sit on, and snacks. We are actually moving in a couple of weeks to a new and larger studio over in Poncey-Highlands very close to Ponce City Market, and there will also be coffee available for clients as well as internet access provided by Google Fiber if anyone needs to get some work done while not being photographed.

When I was finished with solo portraits, Winnie needed a diaper change and something to eat , so her parents tended to her while I set up for the parent and family portion. Once she was content again, we got started! The parent and family portion is easy and I’ll walk you through the entire process and explain exactly what I need as we go through. The safety and comfort of your baby is my #1 priority, so I over communicate when your baby is being moved from person to person. Basically, I don’t let go of your baby when handing them to you until we’ve made eye contact and you’ve verbally confirmed to me that you have them. And even then, I release my grip on your little one very slowly. ;) During this portion of the session, all you need to do is love and admire your baby. I’ll make sure you’re standing where you need to be in terms of light placement, and I’ll adjust anything necessary. Sometimes I’ll fix a twisted engagement ring, tuck a piece of hair, tuck in an errant clothing tag, or move a client’s head or hand ever so slightly. Whatever it takes to produce the most beautiful images! I truly love what I do and have years of experience doing it. It’s such an honor when a new family chooses me to document some of the most precious moments in their lives.

Enjoy a few of my favorites from Winnie’s newborn session!

If you're expecting a baby or already a parent and looking for a newborn, maternity, or family photographer, I would love to work with you to create images that you will love for a lifetime. Watch this video to hear about my philosophy and see how I work in the studio so you can determine if I'm the right fit for you. I can't wait to meet you!

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