Atlanta Maternity Photographer | Melanie in the studio

Melanie contacted the studio to schedule a maternity session in the studio. She wanted to document her pregnancy and knew she just wanted a few images so she could show them to her baby someday and remember what she looked like pregnant.

While chatting on the phone with Caroline, Melanie was excited to hear that we have a studio wardrobe available for our clients to use, but said she wasn’t so sure we would have anything for her. Melanie went on to explain that she was quite petite, but Caroline quickly reassured her that we’ve had clients as short as 4’10” and that they have all found something that fit them perfectly and that they loved. After sending her everything she needed to book her session, Caroline scheduled a maternity fitting for her as well.

When Melanie came in a couple of weeks before her session date for maternity fitting, we talked about what she was hoping for in terms of a dress. She let me know that she wanted something that would show off her belly. If you’re not a person that is interested in that for your maternity pictures, don’t worry - we have plenty of dresses that don’t bare the bump! After looking through all of her options, she settled on a gorgeous pinkish beige dress that draped beautifully. As a note, all of our split front options can be worn closed too! We also chatted about what her husband could wear that would complement her dress choice and also stay true to his own style preferences and personality.

The day of her session, she arrived at the studio with her husband all ready to go. While she got dressed, I chatted with him and got to know him a bit. He’s one of those guys who doesn’t LOVE having his photo taken, but when I let him know that the session would be a snap and I’d show him exactly what to do the whole time, he was good to go. I think it’s completely normal to be a bit nervous going into a session. You’ve invested a lot of time into all the planning, and the last thing you want is to stand there awkwardly hoping that the way you’re standing looks good. Clients in my studio never have to deal with this because I literally guide them through the entire process. In the beginning, there’s a lot more direction and mid way through when my clients have relaxed, they start interacting naturally all on their own. From that point, I just make sure to watch out for things like a bra strap peeking out, stray hairs, etc. and slightly adjust bodies if needed for the most flattering positions. It’s EASY, I promise!

Enjoy a few of my favorites from Melanie’s studio session!

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