Atlanta Baby & Family Photographer | In Home First Birthday for Ryan!

I first met Lindsey and Jarod when they brought their son, Ryan, to the studio for a newborn session after he was born. You can view those images by clicking here. During his newborn session, Lindsey asked if I photographed in home sessions and was thrilled to find out that I did! She wanted to book Ryan’s First Birthday session and wanted it to be in their home. Lindsey had Ryan’s birthday party planned for the same weekend as their session, and was so excited to be able to include her parents and beloved golden retriever, Georgia, as well.

We sent over our style guide to Lindsey, and she shared it with her mother so that everyone could be coordinated. The style guide is a super easy and short read. It helps so many of our clients pull their look together. Lindsey initially considered wearing a dress but after a style consult with me, we determined that wearing a different outfit in her closet was much more suited to the overall feel that she wanted for her images and would also work well with everyone else and the decor of their home. If that all sounds overwhelming, don’t stress! I’m here to help walk you through it and my trained eye for color will immediately know which of your options are the best. I absolutely love helping clients and am here to hold your hand as much as you need it! I want your entire session experience to be fun and as stress free as possible, which includes the planning.

When I travel to homes for sessions, I do a walk through of your home when I arrive. You will have already sent me images of the rooms in your home beforehand. My goal is to schedule your session for when we have the best light that coordinates with your child’s best time of day. Lindsey’s gorgeous home had many rooms that were full of beautiful light. I stopped short when I saw their upstairs hall bathroom with the clawfoot tub because of how amazing it was! I immediately asked how they felt about doing a quick bath after the cake, and they loved the idea. Side note: it was SO much fun to see their wall gallery from their newborn session hanging throughout the house! As an artist, it’s always wonderful to see how my clients are enjoying their artwork on a daily basis in their homes.

We started downstairs with group images and took turns passing Ryan around between parents and grandparents. They wanted an outdoors image in their backyard, so we headed out back there since we had enough open shade. I am very honest with my clients: sometimes their vision or hopes for their session simply is not going to work if the light is too harsh or isn’t optimal. We also headed out to their front porch as well. When Lindsay started carrying Ryan up the stairs, I asked her if he knew how to climb them, She responded “Of course, he does it all the time!” and I asked if we could allow him to crawl up the stairs with her close behind him. When I am in your home, I want to photograph those moments that you do all the time, that don’t have a second thought. Someday you’re going to miss those days where you watched your baby navigate the steps. Someday those little feet won’t be so little anymore. Let’s preserve those memories for you so you have a way to hold on.

We headed to Ryan’s bedroom where we had determined was the best location for his birthday cake in terms of light and easy cleanup for Lindsey. My high chair is an antique and does not travel. You have a few options for cake smashes in home - if it’s warm enough we can certainly be outside! If it’s colder, we can be indoors. Lindsey’s kitchen was much too dark to photograph in during the time of day that I was there, so it was not an option. If you have a bright kitchen with lots of natural light pouring in, then it might make perfect sense for your child to sit at the island or in their own high chair. We’ll talk about the different options and come up with a plan!

Ryan wasn’t a huge fan of eating his cake, but did enjoy sticking his feet into it! It’s always so much fun watching each baby and seeing how differently they react to their cakes. No cake smashes ever look the same, and I love that!

After Ryan indicated that he was no longer interested in his cake, Lindsey and Jarod took him down the hall for a post cake bubble bath. The bathtub photo of Ryan is definitely in the favorites of photographs that I’ve created in my career. He is SO cute!

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