Atlanta Family Photographer | The S Family in the park

Katie contacted the studio to schedule a family session. Their family lives right by the studio, and she was referred by another client of mine whose son attends the same preschool as hers. She also asked to add on hair and makeup services as a treat to herself, and we sent over the style guide to help her with guidance on what she and her family should wear.

Originally, we had scheduled their session for the weekend of Halloween, but rain forced a reschedule. They were about to leave for an international vacation and both have demanding and variable work schedules, so we moved the session to November during Thanksgiving break, with assurances that they’d still be able to get their Christmas cards out in time!

The day of their session approached, and it was a gorgeous and sunny evening… but also super cold! Every family is different when it comes to cold weather in terms of tolerance. If your session is scheduled during cold weather, dress in layers! We’ll take breaks to warm up if needed, and I will work SUPER fast as well. I encourage even more running around than usual to help younger kids warm up and forget about the fact it’s cold, and it’s generally quite effective!

A note about colder temperatures: I reschedule sessions automatically if it’s going to be below 40 degrees because I don’t want my clients to be miserable. If you’re worried about your nose being red or lips being a little purple from feeling cold, no need to be - that’s something I take care of in post processing when I edit!

When the family arrived at the park location, I introduced myself to their sons. They were a bit shy at first, which is pretty normal! My approach is to respect each individual child’s need for space and to meet them wherever they’re at. As the session continues and they become more comfortable, I slowly ramp up the games and my “pep”. By the end of our time together, we were playing all sorts of fun games and everyone was laughing and having a good time despite the cold.

I could type a book about how I handle family sessions, but I’ll spare you! You just need to know two things. (1) I’m a mom of three children myself who are all basically two years apart give or take a few weeks and who all have very different personalities. So I have been in your shoes! (2) Know that family sessions with me are organized “chaos”. I shoot my family sessions efficiently, which means that participants who need a break get one while others are being photographed. I’m always moving and there is no standing around doing nothing time. If the kids need a snack, we’ll likely place them on the ground right by you and knock out some mom and dad couples shots! My family sessions are very much about interacting together through play, and NOT necessarily having everyone look at the camera with a big old smile. I know Grandma might want that “perfect” family portrait with everyone smiling, but that’s simply not the goal or the heart of my approach at all. So, what is? Love and connection that showcases your family’s unique dynamic in tangible form.

Want to capture your family just as you are now before time completely slips away and you’re packing their bags for college? We fill up several months in advance for weekend dates, and are already booking for spring and early summer! Contact us and we’ll chat about your session goals, your vision, and our approach to see if we’re the perfect match for your family photography!

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