Atlanta Maternity Photographer | Ashley & Corey

Ashley wasn’t really sure that she wanted a maternity session, but her friends kept telling her she should have some photographs taken because she would regret it if she didn’t. When she found my website, she spent some time looking through it and picked up the phone to call the studio. Caroline, our studio manager, answered and spent time chatting with Ashley about the process and how it all works. Ashley was so excited to hear that she could borrow from the studio wardrobe as it was one less thing for her to worry about. She was a little concerned that we wouldn’t have anything that worked for her style preferences, but Caroline assured her that we had quite a few different style options! Caroline took care of scheduling her maternity session in the studio and also made an appointment for her to come into the studio for her maternity fitting the next week.

When Ashley walked in on the day of her fitting, she told me that she actually knew a few of my other clients! She had texted them after seeing some of their images on the website, and after hearing their rave reviews, felt confident she had chosen the right photographer. We discussed her style preferences and favorite colors (your least favorite is also good information to know!) and I pulled a few of the dress for her.

Ashley wanted simple and not fussy, and we have several pieces that fit the bill! After trying on several, she narrowed it down to two gorgeous dresses - that were exactly what she had envisioned. She couldn’t believe how perfectly they meshed with her vision and her skin tone, and she felt (and looked!) absolutely beautiful in them.

Maternity fittings do take up some time in your week, but they’re pretty important. Not only are we pulling together your look, but we are also getting to know one another! I’ve found that clients come in for their session much more relaxed and ready to go when they’ve spent time with me first. When we have out of state clients who are unable to come in a week or two beforehand, we simply schedule the fitting to take place right before the session. This enables us to spend some time getting to know each other before I start photographing you.

On the day of her session, Ashley arrived at the studio and I had her dresses all ready to go. She looked absolutely gorgeous, and was excited to get started. She warned me that she wasn’t quite sure what to do and felt a little bit nervous, and I reassured her that everything would be just fine.I guide my clients through the entire experience from start to finish. Out of all the sessions we offer, maternity sessions are what we photograph the most of! At this point in my sixth year of business, I think it’s safe to claim expert status. ;) From leg to hand positioning, to gentle adjustments of your head angle, I’ve got you covered! I’ll also be on the lookout for a bra strap peeking out, errant stray hairs, etc. I’ll make sure you look your absolute best. Your job is simply to relax and have fun!

Ashley’s husband, Corey, was running a bit late but that was no problem. I simply started the session with just Ashley and when he arrived, I had him get changed and jump right in. Corey was lots of fun to work with and was also an amateur videographer, so we had fun talking shop during our time together! The two of them were adorable together and so much fun to work with.

Enjoy a few of my favorite portraits from Ashley and Corey’s maternity session! I can’t wait to see them again in the future!

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