Atlanta Family Photographer | A Family Session in the Gardens

I was SO excited for this session with this fun family of five! I LOVE working with families who have older children - I know we get lots of the little ones, but I don’t just photograph babies and toddlers. Older children are really cool to photograph by themselves and with their families, so it’s a welcome change of pace.

My flow is somewhat different with tweens and elementary aged children, but one thing remains the same: my respect and consideration for your child and their autonomy is paramount. I want them to walk away from their session feeling that I saw them for who they were and they had a say. I want YOU to have beautiful photographs of your children and family together that show your relationship and how much you love each other. I want you to smile whenever you see them and think “This is us.”

I could sit here and type a book with multiple chapters about my approach to family sessions with multiple children, but I’ll spare you. In a nutshell: it’s basically very organized chaos! I flow through our time together in so that participants who need a break get one while others are being photographed so we aren’t standing around doing nothing. SOMEONE is being photographed at any given time.

Family sessions are about playing together, and NOT necessarily looking at the camera. While it’s great to get the “perfect” family picture with everyone smiling for Grandma, that’s is not the goal or the heart of my approach to photographing your family at all. So, what is? Love. Giggles. Security. Family. I could go on. You know the saying: “A picture is worth a thousand words”….. let’s let this family’s photos speak for themselves.

Kelly and Daniel had never had a professional family portrait session before and weren’t really sure what to expect. They were blown away by how we helped with every step of the process. We had sent Kelly our style guide ahead of time, and she found it very helpful! She was a little bit nervous about choosing outfits entirely on her own. When I checked in to see if she needed any assistance pulling them together, she was so grateful to be able to email us images of the outfits she was thinking about. After reviewing what she had put together, I emailed her a suggestion to make one simple change in her oldest son’s shirt choice and it solidified the whole look perfectly. I want your family to dress comfortably and everyone to feel great in what they’re wearing. I also want the outfits to complement each other so that there isn’t a reaction of “one of these things is not like the other” when viewing your images.

The evening of our session, we met at the gardens location and it was such a beautiful night! The temperatures were perfect, and we moved quickly through the session. I always start with the whole family first while everyone is fresh and still willing to be photographed. You never know how younger kids and babies will be, so I like to play it safe. From there, we cycled in and out with different combinations of family members, and had a great time doing it. Rueben and his sisters, Zoe & Thea were such great kids, and so much fun to work with! Rueben is such an incredible big brother to his sisters, and I loved watching their interactions together. At the end of our time together, both Kelly and Daniel commented on how much fun the whole session was and how they couldn’t wait to book their next session. After viewing their proof gallery, Kelly had a hard time narrowing the images down. She chose to print the second image in this blog post as a larger wall portrait for their home as it was her very favorite photo from the session.

I SO look forward to working with this family again next year!

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