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Greer contacted the studio to ask about scheduling a newborn session. She had a lot of questions about the process and what to expect, so Caroline (our full time studio manager) gave her a call to answer all of her questions in depth. Caroline is lots of fun to talk to and super responsive. Our clients love chatting with her, and you will too! Greer emailed us the next week to let us know she was ready to proceed with getting on our calendar.

Let me address the MOST often asked question when it comes to newborn sessions. “How can I schedule my baby’s newborn session when I don’t know when they will actually be born?”

The answer: We have a limited number of spots each month for newborn clients in order to maintain the best level of service to our clients. When you reserve your newborn session, you are taking one of those spots that we have set aside. Once they’re full, they’re full. If you’re reading this right now and have already had your baby, please call the studio to see if we can accommodate you. When babies arrive earlier or later than their estimated due date, we are often able to fit in last minute requests depending on our schedule!

A couple of months went by, and Greer let us know that baby Theo had arrived! She also requested to add on hair and makeup services to her newborn session as well. When you add on hair and makeup, you don’t need to worry about finding dates that will work for our schedule. We handle all the coordination in house to make the process as easy as possible for you. Our HMUA team is absolutely wonderful and skilled at working with all skin types and tones. They’re caring, and kind, and specialize in natural beauty which is exactly what most of our newborn moms want. Should you want to kick it up a notch, simply discuss your preferences with them while you’re sitting in the chair, and they’ll create a beautiful look for you based on your vision that will also photograph well. I also want to mention that adding on services does not lengthen the amount of time that you are in the studio. You’re going to be sitting and waiting regardless while I photograph your newborn alone for the first portion. Might as well treat yourself and not worry about getting ready! PS: our HMUA artists are MAGIC when it comes to undereye circles from newborn induced sleep deprivation.

We settled on a date that worked for Greer, and sent over our newborn prep packet for her to review. It’s a short read and goes over best practices for the smoothest newborn session experience. We also cover what to wear if you’re bringing your own clothing from home, and we’re available to answer any questions you might have in the time leading up to your time in the studio!

When the new family of three arrived at the studio the morning of their session, Greer settled into the hair and makeup chair with Ellis at the helm. I took Theo back to the newborn shooting room. He was such a sweet and cuddly little guy and slept like a champ. As a newborn photographer, I’ve worked with all sorts of babies. Some babies need some extra help to get into a super sleepy state, and I have a bag of tricks up my sleeve that I’ve picked up over the past six years of photographing newborns. Because Theo was such a deep sleeper. I was able to move through the solo portraits pretty quickly.

When I came out of the newborn shooting room with Theo, he was hungry and needed a diaper change. Perfect timing! Daddy attended to Theo while Ellis put the finishing touches on Greer’s makeup. Greer had brought a few options from her home closet, and I loved what she’d brought. She was most comfortable wearing casual jeans and a blouse, and I thought it was perfect! While we have a large selection of studio dresses available to clients, it is NOT a requirement. I strongly encourage clients to choose clothing that they feel comfortable and beautiful in. If that’s a floor length maxi from my wardrobe or your favorite broken in Levi’s with a v-neck tee - either works! These are your images from one of the most important times of your life, and I want you to look at them and feel like you’re seeing yourself. One is not “better” than the other, it simply comes down to individual client taste and aesthetic preferences. The only thing I am concerned with is colors and patterns working well for the session type, which is why I’ll happily provide any assistance and guidance you need!

After Theo was changed and had a full tummy, we moved into the family portion of the session. New parents are often still getting used to holding and handling their newborn. Most new moms have been sitting down while holding them at home! My clients comment a lot about how amazed they are by how I make it look so effortless when handling their newborns. You’ll get the hang of it too and be a pro in no time!

I’m constantly watching my mamas to make sure they’re doing well and not getting dizzy. An 8 pound baby can start to feel like a 50 pound baby after 15 minutes of standing holding them, trust me. If you or baby need to take a break, we take one! The safety and comfort of my clients is my top priority in the studio, and I over communicate with my parents when we are moving baby from person to person to make sure the receiving person has baby securely in their grasp before removing my hands.

Another concern often expressed is, “We don’t know what we’re supposed to do.” The good news? You actually already do. ;) Your job is to hold your baby and admire them, and I’m pretty sure you’ve been (or will be!) doing that from the moment of their birth. I’ll take care of the rest with gentle guidance and demonstration. I explain things verbally as we go and make gentle adjustments as needed. My goal is for all of you to feel comfortable and relaxed, and I’ll help you get there! Nobody is left hanging in my studio wondering what they’re supposed to do next - I promise.

Enjoy a few of my favorites from Theo’s newborn session!

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