Atlanta Baby Photographer | Mina is six months!

Earlier this month, I shared images from Mina’s newborn session. Her parents both place a high priority on photographs and make sure to document the first year as well as their lives together through sessions with me. I can’t think of a better gift to pass on to your children - beautiful and tangible memories filled with love and family. If you’ve been around the blog long enough, you’ll have figured out by now that milestone sessions are not just about the babies. Their parents and siblings are every bit as important. Now and then we will have a milestone session that is of baby only, but it’s very rare.

The family arrived at the studio ready to go, and planned to borrow from the wardrobe. I pulled a few dress options for both Mina and her big sister Oona. Oona made it clear that she wanted to stay in what she had on ( a pink shirt and a pastel rainbow tulle skirt)., and that was perfectly fine with her parents - and also with me! I think it’s super important for children to know that their feelings are respected. Another thing to know is that while our studio wardrobe for moms is quite large, it is more limited for babies and children. We have the basics, but the majority of our clients choose to dress their children themselves with the help of our style guide. Many moms will bring in clothing that they’re considering for the session and I’ll go through it all and piece it all together with suggestions of other pieces to pick up. Sometimes I’ll pull from the studio wardrobe too, and we always come up with a great look that everyone is happy with!

Mina looks a lot like her daddy and is a pretty serious little girl. Her family can make her laugh, but she gives most others a very quiet stare. She’s not afraid or shy, she just takes it all in. She warmed up to me as the session went on, and gave me a few sweet smiles.

We started with solo portraits on the bed. While Mina is sitting unassisted, she wasn’t 100% stable. Daddy was right next to her out of the frame ready to catch if needed. If your baby is not sitting up on their own at all, we simply use parents’ laps and arms as props! The six month milestone doesn’t have to be done right at six months. Some parents prefer to wait until their baby is sitting unassisted and refer to it as the sitting milestone. It’s entirely your preference! Most babies this age have discovered their feet, and I LOVE those images. Sometimes we help babies along by reminding them that they have feet to play with, but Mina didn’t need much help!

After we finished with her solo images, we moved on to family and parents. While Irene and Steve hoped that Oona would be willing to be photographed with her sister for some sibling only images, that was not the case. No amount of bribery or persuasion worked. I suggested that we ignore her and play with some of the studio toys and she came over to see what was going on. While they aren’t the photos that Irene and Steve probably initially envisioned, they shared that they loved them and how it looked just like the girls playing at home. Honestly - that’s the way that I work. While I do guide you and place you by the best light, much of what you’re doing here at the studio is what you already do at home with your children. Snuggling, playing, giving kisses, tickling, and laughing. As such, sessions here are a fun and relaxing experience that aren’t awkward or forced.

Enjoy a few images from Mina’s session!

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