Atlanta Maternity Photographer | Katrina & Nick at the field

Katrina contacted the studio at the beginning of her second trimester to inquire about booking a newborn and maternity session. She had visited the website and really loved what she saw, since she wanted a very natural approach to her photographs and felt that we would be a great fit based on what she had read in blog posts. She told us that she and her husband were waiting to find out what they were having, which I just love since I made that same choice with all three of my babies. It’s a surprise whenever you choose to find out, but I definitely have a soft spot for those who choose to wait like I did since I know what that’s like!

After chatting with Caroline, our studio manager, she determined that the field was the right location for her vision and and preferences. We scheduled a maternity fitting for her to come in a couple of weeks before her session as well! Maternity fittings are usually held in the late afternoon, and sometimes in the later evening after sunset depending on the studio schedule and your work schedule!

Katrina drove all the way from Cumming, Georgia the day of her maternity fitting, and we looked through the dresses together. She is quite petite at 5’4”, so she was a little concerned about things fitting her. The good thing about maternity is that it’s okay if the dress is long on you if you’re shorter! It looks beautiful pooled around your feet, and I have a few tricks to make walking in them a bit easier. Plus, you can always wear a shoe with a heel if you want some extra height. After trying on several pieces, Katrina chose a pretty blush pink floral dress and an empire waisted cream one. We talked about what colors would work for her husband, Nick, as well as suggestions for what he could wear that would work well with her choices. We also sent her our style guide which goes a bit further and is extremely helpful to all of our clients when it comes to coordinating colors and patterns. We’re here to help you as much as you desire! So many of our clients will send over photos of their outfit combinations beforehand for feedback and input, and some will arrive to their session with an armful of choices. I am a very quick decision maker and can instantly tell what will work and what won’t. The only thing I ask clients to make sure of is that the clothing they are bringing for me at their session time fits well and is ready to wear (ie: free of wrinkles).

The evening of their session was a bit cold, and it had been raining that week. Fortunately it did not rain on the day of their session, and we had a gorgeous overcast sky. I shoot regardless of sun or clouds, and either way is equally gorgeous! We have more flexibility with angles and direction when the sky is overcast, so it’s not a bad thing at all. Plus, an overcast sky diffuses the light so beautifully and is so soft. At first Katrina was a bit worried that it was too dark outside because of the sky, but when I reassured her that it wasn’t at all, she was ready to go! I loved the outfits that she had chosen for her husband, Nick! They were casual and comfortable and complemented her choices perfectly.

When we started off with our session, Katrina was wearing heeled boots. After about 10 minutes she couldn’t take it any longer and kicked the boots off. She didn’t have a pair of backup shoes, so she’s just wearing socks! But you wouldn’t have known that unless I had told you. Moral of the story: if you’re not sure you can make it through a session in the footwear that you want to wear, bring a backup pair of shoes so you don’t have to walk around a field in socks. I loved how go with the flow she was about the whole thing, and it didn’t affect their images at all.

They had both warned me before we got started that they weren’t sure what they should do. I reminded them that I would guide them through the entire session and they didn’t need to worry about that. Sessions with me are very laid back and relaxed, and lots of joking and laughing is involved. My typical client is nervous for about 10-15 minutes and then it all falls away. You really don’t have to worry about where to place your hands or where to look, because I will literally tell you! My guidance is gentle and I will give you prompts for a natural action that you do on a daily basis and don’t even realize. At the end of my sessions I am often told “Wow, that was actually a lot of fun, and way more so than I expected!” Your session is a collaboration between us - it’s not just all me. Your relationship with your partner and unborn baby has a unique dynamic all on its own. My goal is to bring that out and to photograph the feeling and emotional connection of one of the most exciting and special times in your life together. There is nothing quite like expecting a new little baby, and I absolutely love being invited to document that for clients!

Here are just a few of my favorites from their maternity session at the field! Check back in a couple of days to find out if they had a boy or a girl and see how cute their baby is!

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