Atlanta Maternity Photographer | Jai in the studio

Jai contacted us at the very last minute to see if we had any availability for a studio maternity session. She had come across my work on Instagram and knew immediately that I was what she had been looking for. So many of our clients come to us through Instagram - it’s such a visual platform and great for finding that thing you’ve been looking for but couldn’t quite find. I know I’ve personally been there with the “I’ll know it when I see it” when I’ve been searching for something!

We scheduled a maternity fitting for Jai, and she came to the studio with her best friend to try on pieces. Jai already had one specific dress in mind that she knew she wanted to try, but was open to everything. The minute she tried on the backless halter dress, her smile said it all. She knew she’d found her first option, and mentioned she’d really like to show her belly in some of her images. I suggested a split front dress, so I pulled out the few that we have. Don’t worry if you don’t want to show your belly in your maternity photos - it’s completely client preference. All of our split front dresses can also be worn closed. After trying on a few, she decided on a strapless split front gown with a white bandeau top and soft pink bottom. It complemented her first dress choice perfectly! We chatted a bit about what Jai’s partner should wear, and she and her best friend headed out.

The afternoon of her maternity session, Jai showed up and had brought along a cool bohemian hair clip she’d picked up. She asked what I thought, and I told her that if it was her style, the color was perfect for both dresses and would look great. I’m always a big fan of accessories! The kind you select is important though, because we want to keep the focus on your bump. If you wear a flower crown that’s bigger than your head, or a statement necklace the size of Texas, they may take away from your bump since the viewer’s eye will immediately be drawn there instead of your belly. Most of my clients bring along their favorite jewelry the day of their session and we go through it and make selections then. How you wear your hair also affects which jewelry I suggest wearing - there are so many factors that go into styling a session. I’m here to help every step of the way.

After Jai got dressed, her partner arrived as well. I introduced myself and learned that he was also an artist, and worked as a clothing designer. I always love meeting other creatives, no matter what industry they’re in. Once I explained the ground “rules” for how to stand and where we got started. The two of them didn’t need much guidance during their session - but if you do, don’t worry! I’ll make sure you know exactly what’s happening and what you need to do the entire time. You’ll never be left standing there feeling awkward and confused about what to do next.

During my maternity sessions, I don’t ask my expecting mama to move around a lot. Partners are the ones jumping in and out of the photos. Your body is doing a lot of work growing a baby, so I like to go as easy on you as possible! This also allows me to flow through the session efficiently in each dress. I’ve been told by many partners that it was the easiest and quickest maternity session they’ve ever had and that they enjoyed the experience despite thinking they wouldn’t. It seems that prior engagement sessions are mostly to blame for the intense dislike of photo sessions among my male clients. I will not keep you here in the studio any longer than necessary. Studio sessions here are super relaxing. It’s a completely relaxed vibe, and we have a whole fridge of drinks, snack buffet, Google Fiber, and a comfy couch to hang out on. Your partner will be well taken care of when they’re not being photographed!

Enjoy a few of my favorites from Jai’s maternity session! If you’re considering maternity photos, I would love for you to browse the maternity portfolio and reach out to see if we’re the perfect fit for you!

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