Atlanta Newborn Photographer | Hank is four months!

Adam & Melanie first worked with me when they brought their sweet little boy, Hank, to my studio for his newborn session. You can view those images by clicking here. Melanie contacted us soon after his newborn session to get on the calendar for milestone sessions. She chose to schedule for 4 months, 8 months, and 1 year. Scheduling in advance is recommended so that you can reserve the dates that you want! Melanie wanted to have the dates on the calendar so she could plan Hank’s vaccinations to take place after each one just in case he was fussy for a couple of days after getting them.

On the morning of Hank’s milestone session, the family arrived. Melanie had chosen to add on hair and makeup services, and had been paired with Margaret this time. She had previously worked with Brielle for Hank’s newborn session, and will be working with Brielle again later this month for Hank’s eight month session! All of our HMUA’s are incredibly talented! If you really love the one you work with, you can always specifically request them. However, we cannot guarantee a specific person’s availability will coincide with mine. We take care of coordinating your HMUA so you don’t have yet another thing to schedule. Our studio experience has been designed to be super easy and streamlined so it’s as low stress as possible for you!

I loved the navy floral dress that Melanie had chosen to wear fro her own closet! Adam had brought along a few shirts because he wasn’t sure which one would work best. I looked at what he had brought and immediately pointed at the best choice for what Melanie and Hank were wearing, which was a pink and white striped seersucker button down. Most dads will bring a few options to choose from, so don’t be afraid to do that to! I’m here to help and am a quick decision maker. I know what will photograph well and have an eye for the best colors to suit an individual’s skin tone AND complement what everyone else is wearing. So, no need to worry about it: I’ve got you covered. Melanie had brought a light blue sleeveless romper and another white romper with a Peter Pan collar. Since they’re from Alabama, she loves the southern style! :)

We started Hank’s session with interaction between him and mommy . Four month olds are limited in what they can physically do on their own since they cannot sit up unassisted, and will need to be held by other session participants for a portion of the session. Getting them warmed up for the camera is as simple as playing and snuggling. Your baby LOVES to interact with you, and this is where we will get those beautiful images of your baby looking at you with nothing but pure love. We added daddy in for a few, and Hank started getting fussy. Melanie and Adam were apologetic, and I told them not to worry about it!

Being a photographer with a focus on babies and children is not for the faint of heart. It requires endless patience, a loving heart, and adaptability for a constantly changing situation. Anyone who has a baby knows how they can get fussy for some inexplicable reason. Us adults are trying to figure it out, and no matter what we do, sometimes they get even more upset! I totally understand because I’ve been there - with my own children, and with my clients! So if your session feels like a runaway train because your baby isn’t “cooperating” like you had dreamed about, don’t stress about it. Seriously, just relax, and we’ll go with the flow.

In Hank’s case, he needed a bottle and a power nap. During his power nap I was able to get some of the sweetest and most snuggly images. When he woke up, he was back to his happy self and we wrapped up the session with lots of family and solo images.

I so love this wonderful family and can’t wait to see them again at the end of this month and see how much Hank has grown!

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