Atlanta Maternity Photographer | Deepa & Sumesh

Deepa was looking for a photographer for her maternity photos, and asked friends if they knew anyone. Her husband asked around as well, and a former co-worker and friend of his strongly recommended me. Deepa called the studio to book a maternity session, and we scheduled a time for her to come for a fitting the next week.

The fitting appointment is for you to bring what you’re planning to wear for your session, or try on studio pieces to borrow for your session! The vast majority of our maternity clients opt to borrow from the wardrobe. Even if you’re not planning to utilize the studio wardrobe, I love meeting clients in advance when possible. It allows us to get to know each other a bit, and for me to provide assistance with styling your final look. It’s a quick 20 minute appointment, and we schedule in late afternoons or evenings during the week and sometimes on weekends depending on our studio schedule.

When Deepa arrived for her fitting, we talked about her style and body coverage preferences. I pulled several pieces from the wardrobe that I knew would fit her and work well with her skin tone. I’m somewhat of an expert at sizing up bellies and knowing what will work for each one! As a photographer, my biggest concern is the color working with each individual client’s skin tone. Not everyone looks good in a specific shade of white! My job is to make sure your photos are as gorgeous as they can be, so choosing the right pieces for you that you feel beautiful and comfortable in the foundation of your session. This goes for any session with me, not just maternity! After trying on a few dresses, Deepa fell in love with a beautiful lace overlay sleeveless dress, and a cream long sleeved dress. My wardrobe pieces are chosen in such a way that the majority of them flow very well with each other so your final gallery will look cohesive between looks. We discussed what her husband, Sumesh should wear based on his personality and style preferences. She wanted to know if jeans would be ok, and my answer was “Absolutely!” It’s so important for your guy to feel like himself and like what he’s wearing.

On the evening of their session, Sumesh and Deepa arrived at the studio. While Deepa was getting changed into her first dress, Sumesh and I chatted and got to know each other. We talked about the coworker and friend who had sent them to me, and about his job, the baby girl they were expecting, and how he and Deepa met, etc. If I don’t meet your partner at your fitting, I always like to spend a few minutes before our session time getting to know them so they don’t feel like I’m a total stranger.

Once Deepa was ready, we headed down the street and got started. Sumesh is one of the most jovial and hilarious guys I’ve ever met, and it made for a really fun time! Deepa is more quiet and reserved, but even she was laughing at our jokes throughout. I want your session to be relaxed and lots of fun. Don’t worry about what you’re supposed to do, because I will guide you through the entire thing. My verbal direction is very clear, and I’ll step in to fix a piece of hair or turn you a few inches in the right direction. I’m always demonstrating for my clients, and am often told how easy I made it for them when we’re finished! Most of what I photograph involves me getting you situated and then stepping back to capture what unfolds naturally, The emotion you see in my photographs cannot be manufactured or faked - it’s real. The only involvement that I have in that area is getting you positioned for a beautiful photograph, choosing the best lens from my bag, and photographing from the best angle. It’s a marriage of many elements, and I love it!

Doesn’t Deeps look absolutely lovely in her dresses?! Enjoy some of my favorites from this couples’ maternity session!

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