Atlanta Baby & Family Photographer | Rylan's Sitting Session

I first worked with Sindi and Erroll for their maternity session with their first daughter (Haylen) in the studio. I went on to photograph Haylen for her sitting milestone and First Birthday sessions! You can see where it all began with their first maternity session by clicking here. Sindi emailed me to let me know they had added another little girl, Rylan, to their family and wanted to schedule her sitting milestone images!

I sent Sindi the style guide and Pinterest inspiration board just so she’d have them, but she’s worked with us SO many time at this point that I knew she wouldn’t need them. Sindi is definitely one of my most fashionable clients - she loves peplum tops, and looks amazing in them. The dresses she chose for Haylen and Rylan were also absolutely adorable, and everyone looked great together, as you’ll see below!

When the family arrived at the studio for Rylan’s session, I was so excited to see them! I couldn’t believe how big Haylen had gotten since her first birthday. Sindi and Erroll warned me that Haylen was full of energy and were worried about her “crashing” the session, but I told them not to worry. I’m a mom of three kids all two years apart give or take a few weeks. At one point I had three children under the age of 4… trust me, I can handle all the energy your children lob my way, and we’ll have a fun time too! At two years old, Haylen definitely had her own opinions and vacillated between wanting to participate and wanting nothing to do with it. That’s normal and expected! I simply work around it and create my flow based on who’s happy and wants to be photographed. Your job as a parent is to try not to stress (I know, easier said than done!) and smile no matter what. Kids know when you’re stressed and most kids enjoy pushing their parents’ buttons. Don’t give them any buttons to push, and you’ll be surprised!

I typically start my milestone sessions with the entire family if the baby is experiencing shyness or stranger anxiety. Since Rylan wasn’t shy AT all, we started with solo portraits and then added parents and family into the mix. I am very efficient when photographing sessions involving older babies and young children. Babies get tired out easily from stimulation, and toddlers lose patience, so I work quickly to make sure we have a varied gallery full of options!

Rylan is such a sweet little girl, and SO cute. I was amazed at how different she looked from her big sister! Genetics are such a crazy thing. It’s so fun to see whose features each baby has and to hear who they look the most like as a baby. It changes with age too - I’ve had parents tell me their newborn looks EXACTLY like dad, only to tell me at six months they look just like mom.

I really love to use our white Eames chair for a few images in each milestone session so that you can see how much your child has grown in between their sessions. Sindi also requested that we be sure to use it because Haylen’s sessions had included it also. It’s really an amazing thing to watch the progression of growth and have one object that’s exactly the same to really compare and contrast! If the modern style isn’t your peference, we have some classic linen options too. We’ll discuss your preferences when you arrive!

Real quick mention: when you see photographs of babies (and even younger kids!) in chairs and on the bed in my studio, mom or dad is right there next to them, just out of the frame. Baby safety is PARAMOUNT around here, and I have measures in place with every session to ensure it!

Isn’t Rylan just the most adorable baby girl?! I cannot wait to see her next month for her First Birthday session!

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