Atlanta Baby Photographer | Alexandra is ONE!

Tiffanni lives in Woodstock, Georgia and was looking for the perfect photographer for her daughter’s first birthday. She wasn’t able to find any photographers that she loved close to her, so she expanded her search to Atlanta.  She loved what she saw because she felt our work was classic and timeless and felt we would be a perfect fit for her vision. So, she called the studio and chatted with Caroline, our studio manager. She had lots of questions, and Caroline spent some time with her on the phone answering her questions and discussing her vision for her daughter’s first birthday session.

One of the big questions was whether to photograph the session indoors or outdoors.  The answer to this question is different for every client! There are multiple factors to consider when deciding and we will go over these with you in depth so you can make a fully informed decision that is best for your family.  Ultimately, Tiffanni chose the park location for her outdoor session and we gave her a few dates to choose from.

Tiffanni also wanted to know whether she could include a birthday balloon and Alexandra’s rocking lamb in her session. Balloons can pose a challenge, especially outdoors, but we are always willing to give it a shot!  Fortunately, the wind cooperated with us that evening, and you’ll see how we included the lamb and balloon in Alexandra’s session in the gallery below. Although we don’t provide props, we can definitely work to incorporate them in your shoot!  We understand some items add a meaningful connection for the family. As a note, our studio antique high chair is not for outdoor use - so if you’ve seen other sessions with that high chair in use, please know that bringing it outdoors is not an option.

Tiffanni was unsure whether her own outfits would work for the shoot, and asked if we could provide any insight.  We’re here to help with that! We have a style guide, studio wardrobe, and a Pinterest board as resources for our clients. Clients are ALWAYS welcome to schedule an appointment at the studio as well to go over outfit choices and browse through our studio wardrobe. Tiffanni jumped at the chance to schedule a consult, so we put a date in the calendar for her. About a week before her session, Tiffanni brought Alexandra and her husband Myron to the studio. We discussed the outfits for Alexandra that Tiffanni had purchased from Etsy boutiques for Alexandra, and I made specific color recommendations based on Alexandra’s outfits. Tiffanni checked out the studio wardrobe and loved many of the pieces! She chose one of our lace dresses to have as a backup option if what she had from her own wardrobe didn’t work out and left feeling confident that she would look and feel great for her session either way. While Tiffanni was trying on pieces, I enjoyed chatting with Myron and playing peek-a-boo with Alexandra. Bonus for you if you come in beforehand: It’s always nice to meet the person photographing you before you actually step in front of the camera! 

After our studio visit, Caroline emailed our style guide to Tiffanni and directed her to our Pinterest Board.  Our style guide is simple, easy to read, and straightforward!  Clients find these resources incredibly helpful. Please know that we are always here to answer questions and guide you in your selections and will provide as little or as much help and input as you need. Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance - we are here to serve.

We met the evening of the session at the park location.  I LOVED the outfits that the family had put together! Tiffanni wore her own pale chiffon skirt with a satin band and a white cap sleeved shirt, Myron wore linen pants and a white buttoned-down shirt, and Alexandra wore an adorable long-sleeved lace ballerina tutu dress with coral details and a sleeveless all white lace dress. Tiffanni had purchased both from sweet Etsy boutiques.  Most parents bring two different outfits for their child and we change halfway through the session.

Tiffanni brought Alexandra’s birthday cake from her favorite bakery in Woodstock for the cake smash portion. You decide whether to include a cake at the end of your session.  Some clients choose to have a cake, some choose to have donuts, some choose to have a pie, and some choose not to have anything.  Should you choose to include something, we suggest bringing a towel, lots of baby wipes, a jug of water, and wash cloths for outdoor sessions.  If you don’t want to deal with transporting a cake to your session at the studio or park location on top of everything else, you can order one through our preferred baker and she’ll take care of delivering it to the studio. Bonus: She can accommodate allergies and vegans!

We began with family photos of Myron and Tiffanni loving on Alexandra. I loved the open-mouthed kiss Alexandra gave her mom and the piggy back ride on Daddy’s shoulders! Tiffanni and Myron’s love for their daughter shined through every image. If you’re worried about freezing up in front of the camera, there is no need to. I’ll give you directed guidance for things you naturally do with your child.  I then step back and capture you in your element. 

We interspersed solo portraits of Alexandra throughout the family photos. I follow your child’s lead, so there is no one set flow, other than ending with the cake smash. We had fun playing games while I photographed Alexandra riding the rocking lamb, plucking flowers off her birthday cake, and with her pink birthday balloon.

Enjoy a few of my favorite images from Alexandra’s First Birthday session!

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