Atlanta Baby Photographer | Elijah is ONE!

I first worked with Elijah’s parents for their maternity session in the gardens, which you can view by clicking here. So many of my clients choose to work with me for their baby’s first year (and subsequent babies!) and then schedule annual family portraits after that. I absolutely love getting to watch my littlest clients grow over the years!

Briana scheduled Elijah’s First Birthday session to be held in the studio. First Birthday sessions almost always include parents too unless they opt to not be in them. I strongly encourage parents to participate because these photos are a gift to your child. They will look at them someday and see the love of their parents that enfolded them. We are not JUST celebrating your baby’s first birthday - we are celebrating the fact that you made it through your baby’s first year. That’s a pretty big accomplishment, so let’s honor that!

You might wonder where the cake is …. there wasn’t one. Not all our clients choose to include a cake. It’s entirely a matter of your personal preference. Some clients choose not to give their babies any sugar for a few years, while others just don’t really like cake. Some clients get creative and include something different like a pie or pile of donuts. If you do decide to use a cake (or something creative!), we’ll send you our cake tips sheet for best practices. Believe it or not, the kind of icing you choose to use matters! Pro tip: avoid whipped icing like the plague. It’s SO difficult to wipe off of skin and makes the floor slicker than an ice skating rink. Take it from me: I went sliding across the floor after my one and only experience with it… never again! :)

We sent over our style guide to Briana to help her in choosing what they should all wear. It’s super helpful and clients report that it takes so much stress out of figuring out what to wear. Most parents celebrating a first birthday have two outfits for their baby. I always encourage parents to make sure one of the outfits shows off their baby’s toes, and chunky legs. When your baby is a full fledged toddler and starts to lean out, you will miss their babyhood chunkiness terribly… and reliving the cuteness will simply be a photo away.

Elijah was a curious little guy and pretty serious. My flow for these sessions varies and depends on your child. Some babies need to be in their parents’ arms for a bit and warm up to me. Others are ready to go as soon as they walk in. If your baby is walking, I’ll make sure to photograph them doing that! My main goal is to photograph your baby just as they were at this age. I want you to look at the photos and remember their personality, their funny expressions, and the little details you love. Trust me, someday you will compare their baby photos to what they look like now. Maybe it’ll be the day after you drop your son off at college. We can’t stop time, but we can freeze a small portion of it in photographs so we never lose the memory. Photographs are my way of making memories tangible, and why I love my job so much. It’s so bittersweet to watch my own children grow up.

Because Elijah was a bit shy, we rotated through family, solo, and parent images and then ended with an outfit change and more solo portraits. Important note: Eli’s dad was standing very closely next to the chair just out of the frame ready to catch during his solo pictures. The safety of my little clients is the top priority during sessions, and a parent is always right there to spot.

Enjoy a few of my favorites from Mr. Eli’s session!

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