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Courtney contacted the studio to ask about scheduling a family session. A good friend of hers had recently worked with us and had recommended she consider us for her photography needs. Courtney was pregnant with her second child, but she wanted the focus of her session to be family rather than maternity. Not sure of the difference between a family session vs. a maternity session? We’ll happily explain that to you when you give us a call! :) After looking through the locations, Courtney chose the park location for their session. The park is a great location choice for our intown clients to avoid traffic around the Atlanta interstates, especially on weeknights!

We sent over our style guide to Courtney, which is short and super easy to read. So many of our clients have told us that it’s been incredibly helpful to them when planning what to wear. If you get stuck, or you want more feedback, we’re here to help with that too! Our studio wardrobe is also available to borrow from as well, although the majority of family session clients dress themselves. We find that the majority of our newborn and maternity clients opt to use the wardrobe!

When Courtney and her family showed up at the studio parking lot, we chatted for a couple of minutes and then they followed me by car to the location just a couple of minutes away. I loved the dress that Courtney had chosen - I have this same dress in a few different colors in my own studio wardrobe. It’s such a comfortable dress and very flattering whether you’re pregnant or not. She had coordinated her daughter’s lace dress to match the pink embroidery on her own dress and it was the perfect combo. Dad looked great in his light blue button down and khakis. If your guy isn’t a khakis guy, don’t put him in them. Have him wear jeans instead if that’s his thing. I want your family to be comfortable and feel like themselves for your images! While our style guide does have some specific guidelines for what to avoid, it’s to ensure that your images are cohesive and there’s not an element that sticks out and is distracting. I’ve had clients who opted for a glammed up look complete with tuxedos and tulle, and others who went with a monochromatic look topped with motorcycle boots and jackets. That’s who they were, and their resulting images captured them perfectly because they chose to be themselves. Don’t let what’s most popular on Pinterest or what you think you “should” wear for family photos dictate your final choices. Be YOU.

We got started with our session by playing some games…. which involved me being quite the goof. I am not a super peppy personality that gets into your child’s face, because I’ve found that often just backfires. Instead, I’m pretty quiet and slowly approach your child until I can see that they’re feeling comfortable. I match the energy level of your child throughout the session and let them lead the way. I want them to have a fun time too, not be freaked out by this person they don’t know!

My family sessions are very much about playing together and being a family. The goal is not necessarily for everyone to be looking at the camera. While it’s wonderful to get that “perfect” family photo with everyone smiling and looking for the Christmas card or for Grandma, that’s is not my ultimate goal or the heart of my approach at all. So, what is? Love. Connection. Photos that show how much your family loves each other and how much your children adore you. The kind of photos that are captured when you’re being who you truly are and have forgotten a camera is there. The kind of photos that give you a perspective of your family that you cannot see yourself. That’s what I’m after.

If you want to capture your family just as you are now before time slips through your fingers, contact us and we’ll chat about your session goals, your vision, and our approach to see if we’re the perfect match for your family photography! I can’t wait to meet you!

In the meantime, enjoy a few of my favorites from this family’s session!

If you're expecting a baby or already a parent and looking for a newborn, maternity, or family photographer, I would love to work with you to create images that you will love for a lifetime. Watch this video to hear about my philosophy and see how I work in the studio so you can determine if I'm the right fit for you. I can't wait to meet you!

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