Atlanta Birth Photographer | The Waterbirth of Brooks at Atlanta Medical Center with Intown Midwifery

The lead up to this birth was an exciting one! Atlanta experienced a wild ice storm, and I was on pins and needles hoping that baby boy would hold off his arrival so that I could make it to the birth. As an Atlanta birth photographer, snow and ice aren't something I have to contend with very often! I had my backup plan of taking MARTA or just walking to the hospital if necessary. The main concern was that his parents would be able to make the trek to the hospital from their home! Baby boy decided to cooperate with all of our hopes, and I got the call the evening of January 29. It was a little icy on the roads to the hospital, but nothing I couldn't handle. 

This couple was a Bradley couple expecting their second child. They were patients of Intown Midwifery, and delivered at Atlanta Medical Center in a waterbirth. When I arrived, mom was laughing and smiling and continued to do so all the way up to transition. Her husband was a wonderful support to her, and it was awesome to watch them labor together. She was a rock star as she managed to work through her contractions and hold off of pushing long enough to finish her antibiotics. Once that IV drip was done, she wasted no time in delivering her sweet boy! Baby Brooks was born at 10:46 PM and was an 8 pound bundle of squishy perfection. 

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