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How long is the Santa session? Can we book a longer timeslot? +

Our Santa sessions are 10 minutes long. You'll arrive a few minutes early to use the restroom, get your child(ren) dressed and ready, and then enter the studio ready to go when it's your turn! You and your family will be the ONLY guests inside the studio during your time with Santa. If you want more face to face time with Santa, you're welcome to book two back to back slots for a total of twenty minutes! Unless you have four or more children, we have found that ten minutes is plenty.

Will we get the digital files? +

Yes! You will recieve your online gallery of 7 high resolution images with a download PIN and personal print release by the evening of December 13, 2017 for sharing with friends and family or your Christmas card!

Where do you photograph the Santa sessions? +

Santa sessions take place in our private natural light studio located in Historic Grant Park very close to Zoo Atlanta! The exact building address is 575 Boulevard SE, Atlanta GA 303012. It's less than a half mile off of the Zoo Atlanta exit on I-20.

What if it's raining the day of our session? +

December can have darker days regardless of whether it's raining or not, so studio lighting will be in place to augment the natural light.

Is Santa a professional? +

Our Santa is amazing and graduated from Santa Academy (yes, that's a thing!) He has been working as a professional Santa for many years, and yes... his beard is real!

What time of day should I book my slot? +

We recommend booking for a time after your child has eaten and will be well rested.

Is this a family session or just for children? +

Just for children! That being said, if your child needs to be held by you to feel safe and secure with Santa, that's totally ok!

What should my child wear? +

Totally up to you! We see a mix of festive holiday jammies (Burt's Bees Baby has wonderful options!) and festive attire. Make sure your child is comfortable!

I have a really shy baby/child. What will you do to work around this? +

We totally understand this! That's why each time slot is ten minutes rather than 5 or less like a lot of other studios. We practice a child led approach rather than dumping your child on Santa's lap. Think about it: would you be thrilled if this were done to you?

We encourage parents to bring along a wrapped present for Santa to give to older shy children, a favorite book for Santa to read, stuffed animals, favorite toy, security blanket, etc. Please be sure to only bring what you are ok with possibly being in the photos too! If your child doesn't want to sit with Santa, we'll shoot with him in the background, or we'll have you hold them for some images. As a last resort, if your child wants absolutely nothing to do with Santa, we'll take some festive images of your little one playing with a Santa hat! If you feel that your child is not going to react well, let us know beforehand and we will have the studio set up in a specific way for your child. We have some great tricks to ensure we capture some images that have Santa in them without your child even knowing.

What can we do if you're fully booked? +

We sell out every year. Please note that the number of slots listed on the calendar is NOT equal to the number we have available! We have a cap on our spots, and once this cap is reached, the calendar will close. If you missed out on booking, please e-mail us to join the waitlist. Sometimes we have a family whose child becomes sick and they need to sell their spot, and we'll go down our waiting list to offer it first come first serve.