Atlanta Newborn Photography | Baby Grant

I first worked with Brittany when her first baby was born! You can see big sister Ava's newborn session images by clicking here. I worked with them again for a fall family session when Ava was sitting up at our gardens location, and was thrilled to hear from her to let me know baby #2 was on the way and she wanted to schedule a newborn session for him.

Brittany asked to work with Margaret again for her hair and makeup - she's become such a big fan of our HMUA add on and has used them for all her sessions with us. When you've just had a baby, you're tired and sore, and sacrificing more sleep to try and get yourself ready sounds pretty much like the worst thing ever. Here in our studio, we take that stress away for new moms. I can't tell you how many of our clients have showed up in sweatpants and a comfy shirt. We'll get you settled with a snack, something to drink, and I'll whisk your baby to the newborn room to get started on the session. I want to clarify something that we are asked a lot: adding on HMUA services does NOT add more time to your session. I photograph babies alone regardless, and that's what I'll be doing while you're in the hair and makeup chair! 

Grant was a sleepy little babe, and only needed to nurse once during his session. However you choose to feed your little one - we support that! We have nursing pillows here in the studio for our mamas and our HMUA team are experts at working with new mamas. Your baby directs the show, so if they need to eat, I'll bring them to you to do so. 

I actually love when babies start waking up during their newborn solo portraits. If they're calm and not too hungry, they're usually wide eyed and curious, and make the cutest little expressions. I'm there at the ready to capture as many of those as I can. I love little yawns, stretches, tiny little sneezes, sleepy smiles, and puckered lips. They're just adorable!

As I was finishing up with Grant, Brittany was also ready to go. Daddy and big sister Ava arrived, and we got straight to work. When we have a toddler sibling, we always start right away with some family images and parent images. Depending on your toddler's personality and temperament that day, we'll take some sibling only images. Ava was a great listener and already used to "holding" Grant, so these images were very easy to set up and take in just seconds. We always have mom and dad right there for safety purposes. Sometimes a toddler just isn't feeling their baby sibling, and that's ok! We default to images of them together with a parent holding them. Our studio has a unique marriage of lifestyle and natural posing when it comes to our approach. During family time together in front of my camera you will often hear me ask you NOT to look at the camera. I want you to look at your newest addition, and to encourage your older child(ren) to interact with the baby. These are how we get the most beautiful and authentic images that really show who you are as a family and highlight the love that you all have for one another. It's the beginning of the wildest, and the best, ride of your life! 

If you're expecting a baby or already a parent and looking for a newborn, maternity, or family photographer - CONGRATULATIONS!!!!  I would love to work with you to create images that you will love for a lifetime. Watch this video to hear about my philosophy and see how I work in the studio so you can determine if I'm the right fit for you. I can't wait to meet you!

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