Santa is cominG to the studio on december 9 & 10!

Santa in Atlanta at Lily Sophia Photography with babies through young children! 

Santa is returning to the studio in 2017, and we have LOTS of fun. Sessions will be on Saturday, December 9 and Sunday, December 10. 

Skip the traffic going to the mall, fighting to find parking, and waiting in mile long line while your children fast lose patience. Forget about your little ones becoming overwhelmed by all the noise and stimulation for one thirty second snapshot in which they might be scared and crying.

Instead, come join us for a quiet session in the studio where you'll spend actual time with Santa and enjoy some hot chocolate and cookies. You'll be the only ones in the studio with Santa and me, so there are no distractions and your child can approach Santa as they feel comfortable! The resulting images from this style of Santa sessions are so sweet and capture the wonder and magic of Christmas. 

Santa is sweet, gentle, and kind, and has a twinkle in his eye. That's him up up there. And yes, his beard is real. See you in December!